Pecksniff’s Petal ready-to-wear review

August 10, 2011
Pecksniff's Petal perfume
Pecksniff’s Petal
We might be in August, but you wouldn’t know it here in the UK.  Drizzling rain, dark clouds and surprisingly cold temperatures have put paid to our barbeques and our patio sets.  I’ve even had to put away the maxi dresses I was intending to rock at my new job on dress-down Fridays.
However, one thing that’s managed to keep me summery and lift my spirits is a new perfume I’m wearing – Pecksniff’s Petal ready-to-wear.
Pecksniff’s is one of the last independent British Fragrance Houses.  I’d not really noticed the brand before, perhaps because its exclusivity means that it doesn’t sit alongside more mainstream brands such as Diesel and Gucci, or my personal favourite, Stella.  And there’s good reason.
For decades, Pecksniff’s has been producing bespoke fragrances.  That’s right, bespoke – made to order to your exact desire.  So you don’t need to be a celebrity to have your own fragrance.  The Pecksniff’s team spend time with you to know your personality and taste, and then send you three perfumes to choose from.  Once you’ve selected your perfume, it is then given any name you choose.  So essentially, it’s Saville Row for perfumes, only better.

Pecksniff Petal ready-to-wear review

Such exclusivity doesn’t come cheap.  The ‘design your own fragrance’ experience costs nearly £300.  However, before you scuttle back down to Debenhams or Selfridges, I’m glad to inform you that Pecksniff’s also do a ready-to-wear collection (with a much more justifiable price tag of around £40) which is available on QVC.  They’ve recently launched some new fragrances, and  Pecksniff’s Petal ready-to-wear is one of them.
Though it’s off the shelf, Pecksniff’s Petal doesn’t skimp on fine ingredients. With rose, sandalwood, patchouli and melon, Petal is a fruity, floral and feminine concoction, which is perfect for summer, or at least the pretend summer we’re having.
The perfume is a lot lighter and ‘younger’ than my trademark Stella, which has more of a mature, rosy, musky smell, so it’s a nice change.  Plus as it’s eau de parfum, despite it’s delicacy, it lasts all day.
Presentation-wise, it’s clean, minimal and androgynous. It could easily pass for an upmarket aftershave.  Yet the clue to it’s femininity (apart from the smell, of course) is down to the beautiful pink and white box it is presented in.
So, until I can justify such a luxurious treat as a bespoke Pecksniff fragrance, I will happily opt for Petal, as it’s got the luxury of the brand, without the price tag.
Pecksniff’s Petal ready-to-wear is available through QVC, Or QVC Beauty.

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