Bourgois Rouge Hi-Tech lip stain – great for cheeks

August 23, 2011
Lip colours from Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Stain are long lasting
Let’s face it – some things work best when they’re not used as advised.  For example, I’ve read rave reviews about Milk of Magnesia – the indigestion remedy – being a great primer for oily skin.  I tried it myself and it really worked.  I nearly blogged about it, until I read that it’s high in alkaline and decided to ditch MoM (well, I’ve stored it away in case I do get indigestion).  However, many oily faces still swear by it, which proves it has more functions than soothing upset tummies.
Apparently, celebrities have a hidden secret for under eyes – wait for it – haemorrhoid cream.  I would just like to quickly add that I won’t be reviewing this as part of ‘The great eye cream shootout’, as I’m simply too embarrassed to buy the cream.  But anyhoo, it proves my point that certain products perfectly with when not reading the label.
This is no more the case than with Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Stain.  Though intended for lips, the stain looks fabulous on cheeks.  The stain is very similar to Benefit’s Benetint (which I now love!).  Like Benetint, the Bourjois Stain is weightless, which is great as I actually hate the heavy feel of make up on my skin.  With the tint, it feels like you’re pretty much make-up free.
The Stain’s application is very similar to Benetint, too, with its neat wand and liquid-filled pot. In fact, with its lip gloss style head (it is intended for the lips, after all!) I would say its more streak-proof than Benetint, which has a nail polish-style brush.

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Stain – cheap, cheerful and versatile

Plus, the Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Stain is a fraction of the price of Benefit’s cult tint.  It retails at around £7.49, however, if you’re savvy, you can pick it up from Fragrance Direct at the pocket-money price of £2.49.
Bourjois’ Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Stain has staying power.  I wore it in the morning before going to work, and it was still vibrant by the time I got home, a feat many powder blushers fail to achieve.
Despite its highly pigmented lasting power, the Stain is actually light and sheer.  I’ve opted for the (insert colour) shade.  And it’s just as well it’s sheer, otherwise I’d look like I’d been tango-ed!  It comes in a variety of hues, from brown to the lightest pink, so you’re likely to find a shade for you.
So for Benetint on a budget, I’d give Bourjois Rouge Hi Tech Lip Stain a whirl, so break the rules.  Oh, and it’s pretty awesome on lips, too.  Layer it  few times and it can be very vampish.
Red lip stain on lips

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