Beauty Parlour Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment review

August 7, 2011
The Beauty Parlour's Dark Circle and Puffy eye cream
As you may have noticed from my previous blog posts, I am on something of a quest to find the perfect eye cream which will erase lines, lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness.
I’m beginning to thing that such a thing doesn’t exist.
I’ve so far tried RoC Sublime Energy Eye, while my sister has dutifully helped my research by using Yon-ka Nutri-contour Eye and Lip Care.  Neither creams delivered a ‘wow’ factor, but this is perhaps due to the fact that neither my sister nor I have particularly noticeable issues in the eye department.  It’s just something we would like to improve if possible.
The other factor may be that our expectations are simply too high.  I thought that I would notice results straight away, but in fact I’ve come to realise that eye creams are all about maintenance, and prevention rather than cure.  So if it halts any development of fine lines or dark circles, it’s doing its job.
However, this makes for a very difficult review.
While it’s easy to critique a lipgloss, foundation, or even a cleanser, when it comes to eye creams, the results are so subtle that it’s hard to report any big changes.  So, in order to help desi girl’s make a fairly informed choice.  Each cream I review details the claim (made by the marketing department), compared with the real results.
The latest is my Beauty Parlour’s Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment review.

Beauty Parlour Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment Beauty Parlour Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment review – The claim:

The treatment contains a special phyto complex to effectively reduce dark circles, whilst soothing and cooling cucumber helps to de-puff under the eyes. A beauty must-have, you can party the night away without being caught the next morning!   

Beauty Parlour Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment review – The reality:

My sister reviewed this treatment, and her thoughts were as follows:
“The roll-on style treatment is very cooling at first.  It’s very refreshing – a sensation which lasts for around 40 minutes.  This cooling sensation, helped along by the cucumber, is what makes the eyes feel a little brighter.
However, I haven’t really seen long-term benefits.  This makes me think that the treatment is more of a quick fix, as it does provide instant results.  It’s great for if you’re feeling tired, as it perks the eyes up immediately.”
So, apart from the bit about reducing dark circles, it pretty much lives up to its promise.  What’s really impressive about this treatment is that it gives immediate results, something which the other creams haven’t achieved.  Plus, at £6.99, it’s a snip.
The Beauty Parlour’s Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment is available at Superdrug.

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