The great eye cream shootout – eye creams tried and tested

June 25, 2011
Bronze and blue eyeshadow


I’d been told by two different makeup artists that I should start using eye cream. The first time was at the Bobby Brown counter – I ignored the advice as I thought it was a ploy to sell me an expensive undereye cream.
But the view was seconded by another makeup artists on a separate occasion, so I decided it was time to take action.
I’ve had fine lines around my eyes since forever, I thought that was just part of me. Also, I thought that eye creams were only really needed when you’re in your thirties or forties, not your twenties. But I’ve been told that lines eventually turn to wrinkles, so it’s best to take action now, rather than wait until they eventually do set in.
It seems that I’m in good company. Starting my blog, by far one of the biggest bugbears revealed by fellow desi girls were eye lines and dark circles. It’s the one area of your face which can show age and lethargy.
It’s an issue that affects us all. A new survey of 2,000 women by the makers of RoC® Sublime Energy™ Eye, has found that the eye area that is our top ageing concern. Puffy eyes and dark circles (45%) and fine lines and wrinkles around the eye (48%) are ranked as two of our top three ageing concerns, along with sagging skin (55%).

Eye creams tried and tested –  join me on the quest

So, over the next few months I’ll be reviewing different eye creams out there, to find the best products out there for you. In order to conduct a fair review, I’ll be trialling each cream for a month, so I can really see their effects, if any.
Also, as I only have one pair of eyes, I’ve got my SWAT team of sisters on the case, too.
So keep your eyes peeled, as I’ll be uploading the results of the first eye cream soon.

For the results, see below:

Roc Sublime eye cream

Yon-ka Nutri-eye contour

SPC SPA Sweet almond eye balm 

Beauty Parlour Dark Circle and Puffy Eye Treatment

Madara firming eye contour gel


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