Simple skincare for sensitive girls

May 5, 2011

Simple skincare for sensitive girl

As a committed blogger, I strive to be the eyes, ears and guinea pig for us girls. However, being a tester of all things beauty-based can take its toll.

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to reviewing skincare products, I’m being sensible. I try the product for a prolonged period to save my skin and give a fair review (it takes up to four weeks to see the benefits of any skincare product).  However, trying multiple foundations in the name of art (or at least blogging) has left my skin feeling a bit sorry for itself.
So for a short period (about a week), I embarked on a beauty amnesty.  No foundation, powder or blusher.  Though being totally honest, I occasionally succumbed to eyeliner and lipstick, a girl’s two best friends.


No makeup-makeup


Along with offending work colleagues with an almost bare face, I also stripped back my skincare routine.  I wanted something that was as basic as water, but with a pinch more cleansing ability.  And I found this is Simple’s Vital Vitamin foaming cleanser.  My sister, who has very dry and sensitive skin has been using this because its perfume and colour free, so it doesn’t cause any irritation.
After gently massaging two pumps of foam to your face, your skin is cleansed just enough to feel clean, but not overworked.  The cleanser did just the job, and the wipes are super handy when you’re in a rush or you just can’t bear to wash your face.
One point though – Simple really worked for me when I wasn’t wearing any makeup and just wanted a simple wash.  I’m now back to skin health and have lifted my self-imposed ban, and feel that to fully remove foundation, powder or blusher, I preferred cleansers with a little more elbow greas.  Good suggestions are Nelson’s Pure and Clear Facial Wash or even Tesco’s Cleanser, both of which have passed the test of cleaning a fully made-up face.
So overall, I would say Simple works for sensitive girls, or those that have abused their poor skin with a plethora of cosmetics.  Tweet me if that’s you, I feel your pain.


Simple’s Vital Vitamin foaming cleanser – available in most skincare and drugstores – £4.49.

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