Maybelline gel eyeliner review – great for the steady-handed

Maybelline's black Gel Studio Eyeliner
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner
Though it should be the simplest cosmetic purchase, getting the right eyeliner can be a chore.  Why?  Because get it right, and you have the perfect tool to dramatically enhance your look.  Get it wrong and you potentially have a panda-eyed disaster on your hands.
From kohl pencils to felt pens to liquid eyeliners, every product promises to be better than the last.  I’ve tried Rimmel’s Exaggerate eyeliner, and found that even a gust of wind would make it smudge.  OK, I’m exaggerating slightly, but you know what I mean.
I’ve also tried Benefit’s Bad Gal, which looks awesome with hot pink branding and its thick pencil lead, but in actual fact doesn’t leave the jet black line you’d expect.
One recent brand innovation I just had to try was Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner, which is the subject of this review.  Now this was a product that looked super exciting, mainly because of its “feather and ink” application.  It comprises of a slim, precise, flat brush and a pot of jet black gel.  I had always wanted this kind of eyeliner, but I didn’t know of many that were available from mainstream brands.  I guessed it was the reserve of make-up artists.

Maybelline gel eyeliner review – brutally honest thoughts

So for Maybelline to bring this out, with 24-hour lasting power and at a reasonable price, was a dream come true.  And then I tried it…
OK, so it does glide on really well, but only if you’re precise and have a steady hand.  The first time I dipped the brush into the gel, I piled on a little too much.  This meant that I ended up with a much thicker line than expected.  I tried to rectify this by smudging upwards to create a smoky look, but it didn’t work.  Instead I ended up looking like I walked into a door.  Even worse, the eyeliner sets within a minute, and has incredible staying power, so my vigorous attempts to wipe off with toner were unsuccessful.
After a lot of elbow grease, I finally managed to wash away the jet black mistake, so I could start again.  I was much more careful with the second application, and brushed the gel sparingly, so I didn’t end up with the small black mound I had previously.  This time I was careful to us the thin side of the brush, and I stroked it across my lash-line in one go.  I have to say, the results were amazing.  The strong black colour was striking and framed my eyes beautifully.  And of course, the staying power I complained about first time round meant that my now perfectly lined eyes were smudge proof and weather proof.
So overall, I am impressed with the eyeliner.  However, it’s not the best solution if you haven’t got a steady hand.  One false move, and you’ll have a problem that simply won’t budge.  But if you can be swift and precise, and want an eyeliner that won’t break the bank, this may well be the one for you.

Maybelline gel eyeliner is available in most good beauty and drugstores, priced around £7.99.


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