Dainty Doll review – not just for the pale and interesting

Does Dainty Doll makeup suit brown skin?

I was recently offered the chance to try Dainty Doll, a fairly new makeup brand sold exclusively in Harrods, ASOS.com and lookfantastic.com. I’d heard of Dainty Doll as it’s the brainchild of Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame.
Now, whilst Nicola is lovely and Girls Aloud are fab, I was pretty sceptical. Not least because Nicola has brought the brand out specifically for fair-skinned girls (and I don’t mean Asian fair, either).
However, I was assured that while the foundations and powders may be ghostly pale, Dainty Doll has expanded its range with eye, lip and cheek colours to suit all shades.
Being the eyes, ears and guinea pig to all things beauty-based, I decided to give Dainty Doll a go, not least because we Asian girls may be missing a trick, thinking that the brand was just for ginger-haired pale skinned girls.

My verdict on Dainty Doll

Overall look and feel – Dainty Doll deserves its place in Harrods as it really does look the part of a premium brand. The simple black branding with a caricature Nicola is sheek yet adorable.  The encasing of each product itself in matte black with Dainty Doll in gold makes it a brand you would never be embarrassed to pull out of your makeup bag.
But hey, even the most beautifully packages products can disguise poor quality cosmetics, so I’ll move onto the goodies themselves.

Blusher in 002

I first balked when I saw the colour. It’s like a light, bright, sugar-coated candy coloured pink which I would never have thought would suit me, but strangely, it works! The pink is actually very flattering, and its delicate, yet heavily pigmented colour is a far cry from the deep bronzes, oranges and dusky roses many asian girls (myself included) opt for. The colour actually had a light lifting effect, perfect for prepping up dull skin. As an added bonus (and another nod to its quality) the blusher comes with a built in mirror, though it doesn’t have a brush. Go figure.

Eyeshadow in 003

Another surprise. This eyeshadow is orange. Yes, orange. But rest assured, it doesn’t leave you looking a bit tan-tastic or satsuma-d. On my skin, it actually comes on like a nude-gold tone with only a hint of the orange tone it promises.

Lipstick in 005

Sorry Nicola, but I don’t think this shade would work on any desi girl. It’s the palest salmon colour, and no matter how I line it or gloss over it (literally) it just wasn’t happening. On the plus side, Dainty Doll do have a shade called Couture, which is a deep red, which I’m sure would be a better match.


This balm is meant for all dry areas, and works as a highlighter. Essentially, it’s like supercharged Vaseline. A little on the greasy side, and a word of warning, though it made my hand gorgeously soft, I felt that I couldn’t touch anything for it smudging. I even put some on my elbows, which made typing, sitting and generally using my arms a bit of a chore.
Overall, though some products didn’t really hit the mark for me, I loved the blusher and liked the eyeshadow, mainly because they broadened my horizons to look beyond the typical ‘safe’ colours I would opt for.
  • Blusher in 002 – £13.28
  • Eyeshadow in 003 – £11.23
  • Lipstick in 005 – £12.26
  • Wonderbalm – £20.46
All available in Harrods, Harrdos.com, lookfantastic.com, ASOS.com.

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