Tesco skincare and makeup – is it any good?

April 9, 2011

Tesco does skincare and makeup – but is it any good?

Like many people, I shop at Tesco’s for my fruit, vegetables and household basics.  But for skincare and beauty?  It wouldn’t be my first port of call.
It’s not that I’m a brand snob, but I have greater confidence in a department store, skincare or beauty shop or even Avon, who are all about beauty.
I’ve always held the assumption that the Tesco’s own brand stuff would be poor quality, no frills fodder.
But in the interests of fair reporting, I’ve decided to try out some of their new products to see whether my assumptions are correct, or if they can provide a relatively low-cost solution for Asian girls.
So here’s my lowdown on the good and not-so-good in Tesco’s beauty.

Tesco skincare and makeup   

I’ve been trying the new range of ayurvedic products – Skin Wisdom.  They caught my interest because they have been formulated with the help of Bharti Vyas, who is an Indian beauty guru.  So I figured if anyone knows what’s good for Asian skin, she does.
However, at first look of their cleanser, I didn’t see what was actually ayurvedic or Indian about it.  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but perhaps a distinct greenness and aroma of herbs that you get from the green ayurvedic soaps available in the Asian grocers, such as Chandrika?
Tesco's Skin Wisdom range features cleansers, moisturisers and toner
Tesco’s Skin Wisdom range
The cleanser is instead white and has a nice smell – thought not ayurvedic, but in fact a little bit like baby wipes.  Which actually is more pleasant than it sounds.
Anyway, despite my initial misgivings, I’m very impressed with the cleanser.  After gentle massaging, I felt like I had a really deep clean.  Plus its soap free formula didn’t dry out my skin, and it is gentle enough to use every day.
Despite its gentle properties, it took off all my makeup and I even felt that my skin looked brighter after the first use.  Best of all, at £3.50, it great value for money.
I then used the Skin Essentials toner (which also had the same baby wipes smell).  This is great for tightening pores, but be careful not to be too overzealous with the cotton wool, as I smoothed the toner onto my squeaky clean skin, it felt a bit harsh (I haven’t decided what’s the biggest culprit, the cotton wool, toner, or my trigger-happy hands).  If your skin is a little sensitive, but otherwise generally spot and problem-free, you could skip the toner full stop and get away with using good old-fashioned water instead.
I finished with Youth Protect Moisturiser, which was light and had a nice smell.  I found that it made my skin soft and smooth, though it’s too early to judge whether my youth has really been protected.  It worked well for me, as I have oily/combination skin, but if you’ve got very dry skin, it’s perhaps not for you.  My sister, who falls into the dry category used it and felt that it didn’t moisturise her skin enough (though to be fair, she is used to using Astral, which is pretty greasy).

Tesco beauty

Tesco Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits beauty balm
Instant Benefits beauty balm
I tried Tesco’s Instant Benefits beauty balm, which promised instant beautifying benefits.
I never quite understand these beauty balm products.  I mean, are they primers, moisturisers – what are there purpose?  The balm itself is an orangey cream consistency, which you smooth onto skin either alone or under makeup.  It contains Cherry, Vitamin C and papaya, to help promote radiance and moisturise.
I have to say though, my skin didn’t feel any benefits.  In fact, I looked a little shiny, which is certainly something I don’t need any help with.  It’s perhaps better for those with dry, dull skin, but if you’re already shiny, like me, the balm will only enhance that.  I’m not sure if it will look better with the help of makeup, but it certainly didn’t beautify on its own.
Tesco's BarbaraDaly megashine lip gloss
Megashine lipgloss
There’s a better verdict on its lip products, in fact, I think they’re the real find in the beauty collection.  I tried their Megashine lipgloss in cute, which is the kind of girly pop pink that I would never normally consider.  But strangely, it works.  It’s funny that I often end up going for safe colours such as rose or deep red, as I assume they will be most flattering, but in actual fact, the gloss left a subtle hint of pink, which is great for everyday use.
In terms of quality, as far as lipglosses go, its fairly standard.  You would need to reapply during the day, and of course, you get a strong gust of wind and it’s stuck to your hair, but I’m yet to find a lipgloss that doesn’t have these flaws (if you know of one, let me know, I must try it!).  I liked the megashine gloss so much that its managed to find its way to into my daily makeup routine.
So, for me, the real winners in the Tesco skincare and makeup range I tried are its cleanser and lipgloss, so next time your doing your weekly shop, check them out.
Cleansing Facial Wash – £3.50
Refreshing Toner – £3.50
Youth Protect Night Cream – £7.00
Beauty Balm – £6
Megashine Lip-gloss – £4.57

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