Homemade facial scrub recipe for glowy skin

March 14, 2011
Gwyneth Paltrow recently extolled the virtues of a ‘natural’ beauty regime.  Existing on a diet of air and not much else, skinny Gwynnie revealed an enviably slim body and glowing skin on a recent family holiday.  Even more interesting, she swears by a host of kitchen cupboard beauty tips.  The star uses coffee, honey, sugar and anything and everything else on her skin.
I think kitchen cupboard remedies are great.  It’s even better that the average Asian girls kitchen cupboard is bursting with skin-friendly ingredients that are as gorgeous for your face, as they are for your mum’s pilau rice.
So I would like to impart a quick and easy beauty treatment that will get your skin glowing.  And for those of you who don’t have time, I’ve also recommended a product that practically is nature in a bottle…

If you’ve got ten minutes

Mix together one tsp ground almonds, one tsp milk, one tsp honey and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Though it’s a little bit gunky, this homemade facial scrub will get rid of dirt and dry skin as well as retain moisture.  Simply massage the mixture onto your face for ten minutes, then gently rinse off.  Your face will feel immediately cleaner, fresher and brighter.  Do this once a week for best results.
Nelson's facial wash

If you’ve got two minutes 

Try Nelson’s Pure and Clear facial wash.  This wash has a natural seaweed base, plus plant extracts Calendula, Arnica and Hypericum (basically natural goodies, to you and me).  As it is colour and fragrance free, it’s sensitive enough for you to use everyday, and it leaves you feeling clean and fresh, keeping those nasty spots and blemishes at bay.  Apparently, Giselle’s a fan, so if it’s good enough for a supermodel…
There’s no reason why the homemade scrub and Nelson’s facial wash can’t be used in harmony.  So go on, give your skin a boost.

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