Tips for buying the perfect foundation (and Urban Decay review)

My top foundation buying tips (plus a review of Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin)

Buying the perfect foundation, that flatters, brightens, hides and highlights has been my life’s work.
I have unwittingly gone for too grey, too dark, too light, and, my real Achilles heel, too shiny.
I kid you not, in the deep recesses of my cupboard, there is a make up bag full of foundations that simply looked better under the shop’s flattering light.
Rimmel, Mac, Max Factor, Estee Lauder, I could go on.  They’ve all failed me under the harshest conditions (basically a long car journey on a summer’s day).
Now another problem I’ll share is a tad controversial, but I’m sure we’ve all been there.  When I present myself to any beauty counter, the consultant, upon the sight of Asian skin, goes into pilot mode and heads for the deepest, darkest mahogany/coffee coloured foundation in stock.  Needless to say, it’s not a good match.
Anyway, in recent days I have stumbled upon a minor miracle, in the shape of Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin cream to powder.  Prior to this purchase I have never actually even tried Urban Decay before.  In fact, with its branding of skulls, butterflies, camels and dandelions, I always thought it was rather, well, chavvy.  But beneath the awful design lies a flawless foundation, which after one outing, seems to have struck the balance of highlighting without frightening.  Plus, as it sets as a powder, it doesn’t have the shiny effect left by other foundations I’ve tried.
For now I’m happy with it, but I’m yet to embark on the acid test of a long journey on a hot day, let’s hope there’s a wedding to attend soon.
So, given my relentless trial and error when searching for a foundation, I would impart following tips:
1)      Always try before you buy – a smudge across the back of the hand will not do.
2)     Never buy the same day – the beauty counter’s light is always flattering, so wait until you get home, check in the mirror and consult others before making that important decision.
3)      Don’t be cajoled by the pushy consultant – if they choose a colour that’s wrong for you, say so and go for a better shade.
4)      Ask you friends – I found out about Urban Decay through a friend, and don’t think I would have looked there otherwise.  So ask others what works for them.

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