Another bit of news – The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage

I didn’t want to overload you in my last post… but there’s another baby on the way! Well, sort of a baby, in that I’ve written a novel, which will be published next year!

I’m so excited to share this news, which has been about five years in the making, and under wraps for the last year.

My debut fictional novel ‘The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage’ explores the intriguing and often misunderstood world of modern Bengali matchmaking. Early reviewers have dubbed it the brown Bridget Jones, and I promise you, it’s funny!

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The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage – the reason behind my book                               

I wanted to share this story because it hasn’t been told before, and it addresses the lack of diversity in literature.  Also, at a time when politics has made the world quite polarized, my novel actually shows how we all share more similarities than differences.

I also wanted to dispel a few myths and address a real gap in the narrative. The media often has a negative stance – stories of force, marrying strangers without a say in the matter…

Modern literature concurs, as Monica Ali’s Brick Lane portrays submissive women.  Essentially, those involved – usually South Asian women – are objects of pity.

Because of the general view surrounding the issue, people from the community don’t like to talk about it.  I was the same, but I feel it’s time to change that up.

My book explores race, identity, and family, with wit and homour.

Read about my book launch here!

Join me on this journey

Writing this novel has been a labour of love. As you might know, I write for a living, used to be a journalist, words are basically in my blood. But putting a book out is a whole other world entirely. It’s fulfilling a childhood dream. True fact, I wrote a 60,000 word children’s book at the age of 12 and sent it to Penguin. They politely turned it down. I’m not bitter.

As it’s such a passion of mine, there is a real fear of how this book will be received. However, in life you just have to try your hardest, have faith and hope for the best.

It’s all hands on deck, which is incredibly fun when also being heavily pregnant. I’m currently choosing the cover design, whilst adding the finishing flourishes to the copy as suggested by my fantastic editor.  It’s a bit of a sprint to the end, as I’m working towards a February 2020 release (think alternative Valentine’s Day story), just ahead of the birth of my second baby!  Crazy?  Determined?  You decide!

I’d love for you to come along on this journey with me. If you’d like to be kept in the loop of progress, and receive sample chapters of The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage and other sneak peeks, just add your email here.


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