A big bit of news…

So I’ve kept this quiet for a while, but now there’s no disguising this as a belly full of food – baby no.2 is on its way!

Hubby and I are super excited. Hannah doesn’t fully understand but kindly passes judgment, telling me my “belly is too big”. I think she’ll be a great big sis.

Though I have admit, pregnancy second time, with a toddler attached to me 24/7 is a whole other ball game! I ache more and rest less. Everything has progressed more quickly, and as for self-care – forget it! I’m lucky to have a long shower let alone practice pregnancy yoga.

HalimaBobs pregnancy bump boarding plane

The other funny thing second time round is how relaxed I’ve become. I remember when I was pregnant with Hannah, how I downloaded the What to Expect app, checking in daily as my baby progressed from kumquat (still don’t know what that fruit is) to banana then watermelon. I tracked everything.  Oh and I was so careful not to do any heavy lifting. When I look back now it’s a bit embarrassing.  I didn’t hold a newborn because I was worried about putting pressure on my bump!

Needless to say, I’m making up for it second time round with a two-year-old wanting extra cuddles. The midwife tells me that sibling’s sense when a change is coming. I don’t know whether that’s just a myth, but Hannah has definitely become more like a baby.  She’s clingier, cuddlier and a worse sleeper – since I found out she was going to be a sister.

my pregnancy bump on holiday in Agadir

Mind the gap – babies close together

On that note, I’m a teensy bit nervous about is the age gap, there’ll only be 2.5 years between the two. So to all the mums with children close in age, how was it? I think overall a small age gap will be nice, i.e. growing up together, but I imagine the early years will be interesting.

That’s my big piece of news, but that’s not all. I’ve got something else to share, but I’ll post later in the week as I don’t want to overload you with excitement. The latter isn’t on the same seismic scale but it’s a baby of sorts as I’m fulfilling a childhood dream, so watch this space!


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