Conspicuously absent – a busy month in the media

So sorry I’ve been off the blog again. I’ve been tied up with a big work project (which I’ll be sharing soon) and we just got back from holiday. And in true anti-climactic style, we arrived back to heavy rain and sub-zero temperatures. So it was bye-bye sunshine and hello snotty noses.

We spent just under a week in Agadir (review coming soon), and it was great to get some winter sun, but I wouldn’t use the word ‘relaxing’ (holidaying with a very active toddler means R&R is a thing of the past).

But it’s not all been skiving. I’ve actually been on my soapbox, giving my two pence worth on a variety of issues from being the only brown face in the village, leaving big cities in search of cleaner air, and getting through the first year of parenthood without killing your spouse.

HalimaBobs in the press

The brownie in the village piece was an interview with BBC Asian Network. I shared my experience of growing up being the only Asian girl in my school year.  I was also one of just a handful of Bangladeshi families in the community.

It was definitely hard at times.  I remember those awkward teenage years, when I just wanted to fit in, but my peers were drinking in the park and doing other things off limits for me. But overall, I think my experience has shaped me to be the person I am today, and I wouldn’t change it.

I think I fared ok on the radio, considering I LITERALLY put Hannah down to sleep before the producer rang my phone earlier than expected at 10.15pm (there’s something of a sleep regression in my house)…

I wasn’t expecting to be on the radio for an hour, but it was a great debate, and I was glad to partake. My main point was despite our different colours, backgrounds and religion, if we have an open dialogue and learn more about each other – without any pre-conceptions – we’ll realise we have more in common than we thought…

Huffpost article on city pollution
I was also featured in the HuffPost, sharing my family story on how we left London to be near family and have cleaner air for my daughter Hannah.

I absolutely loved my time in London. The buzz and culture is like no other place on earth, and living centrally meant we had an abundance of restaurants and sights right on our doorstep. But it’s crazy how children change your perspective.

Motherhood – life through a different lens

What I used to see as lively bustle, was replaced by rubbish, pollution, and endless noise from ambulance and police sirens. It’s not that my neighbourhood changed, but I saw everything through a different lens when I became a mother.

We first moved to the suburbs of London when Hannah was four months old. And then we made a much bigger move up north this summer. And while I miss the big smoke, I know it was the right decision for my family. The full article is online, and features other mums who also left the city for their children.  You can read the full article here.

HalimaBobs and family in HuffPost

HuffPost and the smug parents article

I featured in the HuffPost again, this time talking about surviving the first year of life with a baby. I didn’t love the article’s title, as it sounds rather smug, but it essentially reported how 1 in 5 marriages don’t survive the first year of life with a baby.

I shared how life changed after the birth of Hannah.  The truth is, it changed massively. I went from being a career-driven woman to a stay-at-home mum – tethered to a newborn – overnight.

Of course, as with many relationship dynamics, parenthood doesn’t have quite the seismic change for dad’s returning to work. I was the one left holding the baby and feeling the isolation that comes with this. So hubby and I got through it by being patient with each other.  We had date nights with baby in tow and generally working as a team around our new normal. And with all things, the phase passed, it got better, and we survived.  See here for my two pence worth.

HalimaBobs featured in Kettlemag

How HalimaBobs got into journalism - Kettlemag

Finally, I wrote an article for Kettlemag magazine, which is aimed at students. I shared my career advice on how I got into journalism, and how other aspiring hacks can do the same. Even though I’ve left that industry, and essentially work on the other side, writing is very much my passion.  It’s also something that I’m doing on a daily basis, one way or another.

So there you have it, I’ve been absent on the blog, but very lively and vocal everywhere else!


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