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HalimaBobs outside Vermillion

So I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog, and I’m sorry.  But there’s been a lot going on. Adjusting to a new city (though it’s my adopted home town of Manchester), new home and surroundings has taken some time.

Since the summer we’ve moved from a two-bed flat in London to a 3-bed house in suburban Manchester. My little girl is no longer a baby (but she still takes up all my time), and I’ve been consumed with life admin – sorting doctors, banking, nesting and all the boring grown up stuff I now have to do. 

Moving to Manchester is the right decision. Having family nearby is a huge help, something I really missed in London. Basics things like getting my eyebrows done (Hannah freaks out if anyone touches my face) is now an easier experience without a two-year-old in tow.

And while I have yet to explore the Manchester blogging scene (I’m hoping it’s grown since I last lived here) I have managed to take in some culture.

The Palace Theatre 

Sis and I saw the Book of Mormon the other week.  It’s long been on my to-see list in London, so it was a nice surprise to be able to catch it in Manchester. 

We saw it at the Palace Theatre, and it was my first visit.  Kind of shocking given that I used to work at the BBC, which was just down the road.  The Palace is up there with the theatres of London, with the same old-school, grand charm.  The place is huge, and reminded me a little of the Colliseum in London where we watched the Lion King. The Book of Mormon was a good watch, but I have to say (controversially), I don’t think it lived up to the hype.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and entertaining, but not the quite the experience I expected from the rave reviews. 

Food at Vermillion Manchester


Hubby and I also visited Vermillion in Manchester, which has possibly one of the grandest buffets I’ve seen (which is a contradiction in itself).  But it was nice to go somewhere different, and I’m glad to report it was a less stressful experience with Hannah (read: allergies) than our previous restaurant visit.  I’ll post up a full review soon. 

Getting behind the wheel 

One thing I’m having to adjust to in Manchester is driving everywhere.  Since moving to London, I had barely driven in over six years.  And I kind of liked not having to rely on a car.  Though after having Hannah, travelling by tube was a bit of a nightmare, I luckily lived in a part of London that had basically everything I needed on a day-to-day basis within walking distance.  It was great exercise for me, and fresh air for Hannah.  

But in Manchester, like any city outside the capital, hopping in your car for practically everything is the norm.  So I’m getting used to this new normal, but at the same time, I try and give myself a couple of car-free days in the week where I stay local, go to the park, etc. 

Manchester rain… go away!

Something I’m finding a bit harder to get used to about life in Manchester is the rain.  Oh the rain.  When it rains it pours.  And sadly it rains a lot.  And it’s so unpredictable. You have to leave the house ready for all weathers.  I know Manchester has a reputation for rain, but honestly, I don’t remember it being like this when I last lived here. 

Still, one thing with constant rain is that you do have an appreciation for the sunshine.  Whenever there’s a break in the rain I’m out with my girl. 

I’m sure I’ll have more to post, and I’m making a conscious effort to be less conspicuously absent on the blog.  So expect reviews, rants and the like coming soon! 


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