Wood Oven BBQ, South Woodford, Review

January 19, 2019

Now you may have noticed from some of my recent food reviews (Taxim and Mezzom), that South Woodford in London is Turkish-cuisine central.

And here’s another Turkish offering, Wood Oven BBQ, the subject of my latest review.

Wood Oven BBQ lacks the grandeur of Mezzom (which has actually now changed to Vadi Restaurant, yet another Turkish eatery), but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

It’s packed out almost all the time (quite a feat given that lots of other restaurants in the area are a bit tumble-weedy), and the modest wooden decor doesn’t put people off in the slightest. In fact, its layout is cramped at best. But like I say, it doesn’t stop the diners coming in droves.

So as it’s a substance-over-style kinda place, I’ll cut to the chase. Here’s what we had…

Starters at Wood Oven BBQ

Ezme salad and sujuk at Wood Oven BBQ South Woodford

We went for the Sujuk (spicy sausage) and the Ezme salad. Now I’ve posted a recipe for Ezme salad here as I love it so much. To the uninitiated, it’s less of a salad, more of a tangy, juicy sauce. Tomato-rich, laced with spice and drizzled with lemon and pomegranate sauce, Ezme salad adds a flavour explosion to any dish.

The only downside was my dining guests weren’t so keen, which meant I had a plateful of sauce left to mop up.

The sujuk was amazing as always. I’m yet to be disappointed by a Turkish spicy sausage. Whether in Antalya or London, I always order sujuk, and it seems you can’t go far wrong with it.

Mains at Wood Oven BBQ

Kofte kebab at Wood Oven Bbq South Woodford

Totally forgetting portion sizes, we each ordered our own mains. I went for the lamb beyti, a yoghurt-topped kebab. This was similar to what I’ve had at Efes, though dare I say Efes’ offering was slightly nicer.

My brother and sister order the mixed kebab and kofte respectively. I always find that with a kofte it’s nearly impossible to go wrong. I wasn’t as keen on the mixed kebab, which comprised of chicken and lamb. Mainly because I find the chicken can be a little dry, and the lamb chewy.

Obligatory add-on was the chips, which were just yum. Of course, we ordered far too much and could have managed by sharing two mains between the three of us.

So overall Wood Oven Barbeque is a perfectly good Turkish restaurant and I will be visiting again. Though I would say, for a quiet meal, or a romantic one, it’s a bit cramped and can get raucous on a Saturday night.

Wood Oven BBQ in a nutshell:

Price: Starters – many hot and cold starters for under £10.  Mains are around £14 for a kebab.

Halal: Yes

Great if… you want authentic tasting Turkish fayre in a rustic atmosphere.

Not so great if… you like your dining space to be spacious. It’s a bit cosy in there.


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