Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester review

Mezze platter with bread

My honest review of Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester answers all your question, such as if it’s halal, what to order and whether it’s worth your money.

Manchester foodies will know that Rusholme, the Curry Mile, now serves more than curry. The famed Wilmslow road – which once was door-to-door Indian restaurants – boasts Turkish, Afghani and burger places to boot. There’s even a Malaysian restaurant I’m looking to try.

Though I’m less on the experimental side. Trips to Rusholme usually end up in Sanam, our dead cert staple, or a dessert place like Moonlight.

However, little sis managed to convince us to go off piste, suggesting Walnut Persian restaurant in Rusholme.

I was skeptical. I thought that the cuisine might be lacking in flavour. But as I’d had my fill of curry recently, I decided to approach Walnut with an open mind.

Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester, a change from the norm

Despite my initial misgivings, Walnut restaurant’s Iranian cuisine wasn’t as bland as I’d expected. It’s very similar to Turkish food, though with a lighter seasoning.

Is Walnut in Rusholme Halal?

I’m glad to report that like most of the restaurant in Rusholme, Walnut Persian restaurant is halal.  The Walnut Persian restaurant menu boasts chicken and meat kebab dishes, as well as some stew/curries, salads and side dips.

However, they do serve alcohol.

Decor at Walnut Persian restaurant

I have to say, I loved the decor of Walnut restaurant. Sleek and sophisticated, with just enough traditional touches. Rusholme aficionados will attest that some restaurants on the curry mile are lacking on the interior front. I’m talking dodgy bathrooms with questionable cleanliness. Walnut is on another level. I’m not one to take a bathroom selfie, but I couldn’t resist, even with my crappy camerawork.

Here’s what we had at Walnut Persian restaurant

The Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester menu, was a bit same-y. Lots of kebabs in different meat combos and some stew dishes. Just to balance things out, I convinced my dinner dates to order a meze mixed platter, which came with a multitude of sauces and bread.

One downside of Walnut Restaurant Rusholme

One small whinge… I was hoping there’d be complimentary bread to start while we order. Maybe I was spoiled by London, but that was the norm at every single Middle Eastern restaurant we dined at, usually with a sauce and/or pickle side.

The platter we ordered consists of five dips including hummus, aubergine, and yoghurt.

This brings me to my second whinge, the meze platter. The price at over £13 was more than most of the mains. While I’m glad we ordered it as it added some much needed moisture to the menu, I don’t think it was worth what we paid. I personally only liked 3 out of 5 of the sauces.

For more halal restaurants in Manchester, check out my reviews of Mowgli street food, Vermillion, Chao Baby and Sanam Longsight.

Chicken and lamb kebab with chips at Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester

The mains proved better value. We shared a chicken and lamb kebab, and a kofte kebab. We had the kofte with rice, and this was also accompanied by a delicious daal-style lentil stew. The lentils contained a small piece of tender lamb meat. I’m not sure if that was a mistake, but I liked the addition.

I was less into the mixed kebab which we ordered with chips. This came with ketchup instead of the daal, and the lamb was a bit chewy for my liking.

My overall experience of Walnut Persian restaurant Manchester

Walnut isn’t a bad option if you want to have something other than curry in Rusholme. I’m a bit bummed out about the lack of sauce starters, and the price of the mixed mezze, but the kofte was good.

Walnut Persian Restaurant review in a nutshell

Price: Pretty standard. Kebabs are between £9 and £12.
Is Walnut in Rusholme Halal?: Yes
Great if… You want something different in Rusholme that has a fancy, insta-friendly décor.
Not so great if… You want Middle Eastern on a budget and live for the complimentary bread. There isn’t any here.


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