Odeon newbies parent and baby cinema – genius

The picture you see is that of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.  I have been lucky enough to stay at the Marina Bay on my honeymoon. It is possibly one of the most amazing hotels I have stayed in my entire life. Three separate buildings joined together by a ship, it’s an Instagram dream (though Instagram wasn’t much of a thing when I stayed at Marina Bay on our honeymoon).    

Marina Bay Sands hotel

Anyway, that’s not what this blog post is about. If you’ve want to read my review of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel you can see my review here.   

But this blog post is about Odeon Newbies, a screening for parents and babies under one. That’s where I watched the brilliant Crazy Rich Asians, where the stunning Marina Bay featured heavily. (See that what I did there? Tenuous link).

Odeon newbies – a brilliant idea

Odeon newbies takes place at many Odeon cinemas. Quite simply it means you can take your pram right into the cinema room and your little one can make all the noise they like! The room is a little lighter than the usual grown-up screening so you can see/feed/play with bubba. The sound is also lower so your baby doesn’t get scared. 

At my local Odeon, they usually have the screening on the ground floor to be pram friendly. On the odd occasion they have the screening upstairs, they safely lock away your pram for you and bring it out for you after the movie.

Odeon newbies is simply a brilliant idea. Going to the cinema was one of my favourite things to do pre-baby, and I thought it would be a hobby I’d have to park for years to come.  

Baby-friendly cinemas – a mum’s escape from normality

There are so many things that are much harder to do when you’ve got a baby – travelling on the very pram-unfriendly underground, dining in a nice restaurant, even finishing your coffee in Costa. So it’s nice that the Odeon are considering mums, when so many other places don’t. This is not an ad, and it’s worth noting that there are quite a few other places besides Odeon that do screenings. So if you’re a mum to a bubba, check out your local cinema, as you never know.  

But most importantly, Hannah sat on my lap throughout the film so I got to watch it all.  Oh, and Crazy Rich Asians is totally worth a watch.

To find an Odeon newbies near you, check out: https://mobi.odeon.co.uk/newbies/


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