Smoky Boys review – halal steak in Watford

September 13, 2018

So I was recently invited to review Smoky Boys, a halal steak house in Watford. And OMG, Hannah happily sat with us while we ate for two hours! TWO HOURS!!  What’s not to like? Anyway here’s my full review.

Smoky Boys is an impressively cool steak house just north of London where the entire meat- laden menu is halal. It’s a halal carnivore’s dream.

There’s a huge range of burgers in their newly-launched menu, and of course steak, chicken and hot dogs to boot.

But before I launch into what we had, here’s a bit on the aesthetic.


Smoky Boys review – the restaurant

Greed is in your heart - corrugated wall art

The decor of Smoky Boys is quirky and kitsch. With corrugated walls detailing food inspired slogans and a slightly dark look, Smoky Boys makes for a good meal out, whether it’s a date night, or family feast.

And a feast it was…

Halal ribs, wings, prawns and halloumi


Smoky Boys review – the food

For starters, we shared a mixed platter with their signature sticky ribs, wings, prawns and grilled halloumi kebabs.

I’m currently off dairy so couldn’t sample the halloumi but I was told on good authority (by my happy guests) that the kebabs were yum.

The chicken wings came in four different flavours – including peri peri and barbecue. I wouldn’t often order wings, but the sticky, treacly costing and fine slithers of chicken was on point.

But the revelation for me was the ribs. Now I have NEVER ordered ribs at a restaurant. I just didn’t get the point of all that fat with minimal meat. Yet clearly I’d been missing the point. You don’t chew the fat (unless you want to). Instead the fat acts like a softening, tenderising agent for the succulent meal nestled underneath.

Smoky Boys know how to do ribs. The slow cooked Angus beef with smoky barbecue sauce is among the softest meat I’ve tasted. And that is the point of ribs, you get a succulent cut that cannot be matched by steak. Unless your steak is rare I guess. Which I’d never try (don’t like my beef moo’ing).


Mains at Smoky Boys

Pulled chicken burger Smoky Boys

As you can imagine, Smoky Boys is all about the burgers and steak.

Angus steak at Smoky Boys

The Angus dry aged chargrilled beef steak was surprisingly tender. I say surprisingly, as halal eateries often overcook. However this was delivered medium-well, as requested. One of the few other halal steakhouses that get’s it right is the Meat Co (see my review here), which has a premium price tag to boot.

For burgers, we went with the chef’s recommendations of the triple stack and the pulled chicken.

As you can imagine, the triple stack was a three-patty wonder. But my favourite was the pulled chicken. Sometimes pulled chicken can be a bit too saucy, with the barbecue sauce overwhelming the meat. But Smoky Boys pulled it off (sorry). The burger was flavoursome, succulent and tender. I’d totally recommend going for this burger if you visit Smoky Boys.

To down all the meat, I went for a strawberry nojiri mocktail. It was tangy icy and sorbet-like, which was yum.


So overall, Smoky Boys is a bit of a find north of London. Totally worth a stopover if you’re travelling ‘daaan saaaff’ from up north or vice verse. Heck it’s worth a visit even if you’re not and you want halal steak that isn’t crisped up.

Smoky Boys in a nutshell

Price: Starters around £5, burgers start from around £8, and steak will set you back £20 for a fillet.

Halal: Yes

Great if… you want a halal meat feast where your steak is done right and reasonably priced.

Not so great if… you don’t travel north of London (you snobby southerner).


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