Bebe au Lait breastfeeding apron – a nursing mum’s best friend

Ok, so before I became a mum, breastfeeding was not really a topic for discussion. Mainly because it wasn’t my concern.

How things have changed. Now it is the focal topic between myself and my fellow mum friends. In fact, it’s a conversation that comes up pretty much all the time with everyone.

However, one of the breastfeeding mum’s challenges is nursing when outside the home. Yes, it’s illegal in the U.K. to tell someone not to breastfeed in public. But that doesn’t stop it from being VERY awkward. Not to mention a lesson in stealthy dressing. Blankets, zip tops and nursing vests have become a vital part of my wardrobe. Yet despite all this, this risk of a wardrobe malfunction is ever present.

And sadly for some mums, this means avoiding public places for a good while. In fact, in the early weeks of motherhood, I avoided all my old restaurant haunts like the plague.

That’s why the breastfeeding apron is the best thing I have heard about all year.

The breastfeeding apron – a changing bag essential

Bebe au lair breastfeeding apron

Basically, it’s an apron which has an open section on top so you can see your baby to make sure they’re feeding properly.  I feel this is much more polite and considerate to baby than covering their head with a blanket.

So while you can see them, nobody can see you feeding. Therefore it’s the perfect thing to help you feed comfortably, without needing to be housebound.

In fact, one of the hardest parts of motherhood is the huge change in lifestyle. Going from being sociable and out and about, to essentially being consumed with feeding and changing is hard enough. So on top of that, being stuck at home waiting for the next feed only adds to the isolation.

And that’s why the breastfeeding apron is such a brilliant idea.

The one I’m using, Bebe au Lait, is a hand-me-down from another mum friend. I wholly intend to pass it on myself to a breastfeeding mum when I’m done with it. But as the breastfeeding apron has been such a revelation, I wanted to do more than pay it forward. I wanted to share the knowledge.

So if you’re a new mum, or have a mum friend who is finding that nursing is keeping them at home, look up the breastfeeding apron. They are the best idea. Ever.

For a range of breastfeeding aprons, check out Amazon.


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