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Eating out in Venice


This is a bit of a belated post, as hubby and I actually went on our babymoon to Venice back in April. I can’t imagine travelling anywhere right now, being huge and all!

Anyway, we’d done our fair share of trips to the Far East, and decided that a holiday closer to home was the way forward. Being five months pregnant at the time, priorities for me were:

  • A short flight
  • Somewhere we could explore in just a few days

So Europe was a no-brainer. And after debating between Lisbon, Portugal and a few other places, we decided upon Venice. And in the interests of informative blogging, here is my review of what we did, how we got around, and how I found the canal city whilst pregnant.

There’s a vlog at the top of this article so you can see the adventure for yourself, just press play.

Sitting at a restaurant in Venice

Venice – a car-less city

So most of us know that Venice doesn’t have any cars, right? Well actually experiencing it is pretty surreal, as you realize how peaceful the city is. The three days we were there felt like we were detached from reality, and a world away from the hustle of London.

Venice is made up of over 118 islands, which are separated by canals, and linked by bridges. However, these aren’t just any old bridges, they are step bridges. Cue my first pregnant-lady moan. So while the city is beyond beautiful, it’s bloody hard walking around when you’re pregnant. Courtesy of the many step bridges, at the end of each day I felt like I’d ran a marathon. There also weren’t many benches to stop and sit at, so the stone steps had to do. One the plus side, I more than got my daily exercise.

For general getting around, there are also boat buses, which can ferry across to the main parts. You can get a day pass or pay for single trips on the boat.

Getting to Venice

Once we arrived at the airport, we had two main choices, get the bus to the main terminal, or get a boat taxi. It seemed that most people were making a beeline for the bus, so we followed suit. It was a wise financial choice, as the bus cost €8 Euro, while the water taxi was €30 Euro, and still wouldn’t get us right to our hotel.

So upon arriving at the main bus terminal it was a scenic 20-minute walk to our hotel. This allowed us to explore the locality, soak up the atmosphere, and snap some sights along the way.

Food in Venice

Mozarella and vegetable starter

Now I’m sorry to say, the food and gelato didn’t quite match up to Rome for me. While the cuisine is alike in both cities, hubby and I had our fill of pizza and pasta in Venice, and found ourselves scouting out other options.

We managed to find a super popular and incredibly rustic halal restaurant called Orient Express. Though I had to laugh as there’s nothing oriental about it. The cuisine is middle-eastern meets South Asian. Anyway, despite it’s handwritten menu and scribble on the wall, the Orient Express seemed a hit with tourists and locals alike. Though the food wasn’t as spicy or as flavoursome as I would have liked (I don’t think curry has really hit Venice yet), it was a pleasant change from the local cuisine.

However one thing I have to warn of is that food in Venice is super overpriced compared to Rome. Service charge is standard rather than optional, and there are hidden charges that come up in the bill like table cover, which all add up. I can only conclude that they get away with this because the city is overrun with tourists, many of whom are couples on a romantic break. As very few men would want to be exposed as a cheapskate, the restaurants get away with hiked up prices.


Things to do in Venice

Now there isn’t a huge amount to do in Venice, as it’s more about walking through the city, taking a boat ride at leisure, and eating al fresco. However, here are a few things worth considering…


Visit the Doge Palace

Doge Palace Venice

The Doge Palace is one of the most decadent landmarks in Venice. Formerly a palace and now a museum open to the public, the Doge Palace boasts vast grounds, beautiful white architecture and an underground prison.


Have a cornetto moment on a gondola

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but the gondola isn’t all that. Though it seems that no trip is complete without a ride on the gondola, the actual reality is neither that romantic or breathtaking. The gondola boat takes you along a canal for half and hour, but you don’t see anything you wouldn’t on foot. It’s essentially a pricey boat ride (around €80 Euros for 30 minutes). It kind of shattered my illusion. Sorry if it’s done the same for you.

Take a panoramic view of Venice at St Mark’s Campanile

One of the things you have to do in Venice is take a trip up the bell tower St Mark’s Campanile. It’s windy as heck up top, but it gives you the best panoramic views of the city. You can also hear the bell chime. It’s deafening, but worth seeing (and hearing). You can see my full footage of the views from St Mark’s Basilica on the vlog here.

Take a trip up the Grand Canal

View from boat taxi of the Grand Canal Venice

More exciting than the gondola is boat rides that soar up and down the Grand Canal. You get to take in Palaces, ancient monuments and lots of fresh sea air. You can also pretty much do loops around Venice all day and see lots of the main attractions.


Explore Saint Mark’s Basilica

Saint Mark's Basilica Venice

Venice is nothing if not one big photo opportunity. And Saint Mark’s Basilica is surely one of the most popular selfie spots. The cathedral, with it’s ornate gold decoration takes centre stage at the Piazza San Marco, or St Mark’s Square. You can take a tour inside Saint Mark’s Basilica, but in my humble opinion, the real splendor is on the outside.


Eat gelato

Eating gelato in Venice

So while the gelato wasn’t as tasty as it was in Rome (I still haven’t found my mixed berry flavor), its still a must-have in Venice. Otherwise it’s just rude.

For more on my babymoon adventure, check out my Venice vlog here.


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