6 expert tips for a stress-free family holiday

*This article has been contributed by travel expert Lauren Moore.

So we’re off to Agadir next month – whoop whoop!

As the mum of a toddler, I’m learning that travelling with a tiny along for the ride can always be a bit more challenging than navigating a holiday as a couple. But given all the new experiences, family memories and fun we have, it’s more than worthwhile. And a huge part of ensuring that our upcoming holiday goes smoothly is keeping a cool head when it comes to even the most stressful situations.

And rather fittingly, Lauren has shared with me (and you guys) some expert tips to stay calm and enjoy that next trip.   

family holiday with a toddler

1. Pack for the worst

While we all like to think our holidays will go smoothly 100% of the time, the truth is sometimes there are snags along the way. Whether it’s a rare rainy day for your beach holiday, a delayed flight at the airport or anything else, packing for the worst means there’s no chance of a bad day ruining your holiday. To keep the kids entertained, families say to consider board games, colouring books, comics or anything else occupying that’s perfect for a little forced downtime.

2. Get travel health insurance

Depending on where you’re going in the world, healthcare can mean an expensive bill if it’s required. In the US, for example, a day at the hospital is £8,006, while Switzerland can cost as much as £6,127. Ensuring you’re covered health-wise can reduce stress and make sure there’s no worry of injuries while you’re enjoying your time away.

3. Stock up on snacks and drinks

Giant tomato in Corsica

While many holidays have food and drink within arm’s reach at all times if you’re strapped for cash or on a budget for your holiday, those expensive drinks and snacks add up. I found this out the hard way, when a trip to Corsica was less than idyllic, with very few vegan options (I’d cut out dairy as I was still nursing Hannah who has an allergy), and cafes seemed to rarely open (you can read about that trip/rant here).

So learn from my mistake, and save money by taking a trip to your local supermarket while you’re abroad to buy bottles and snacky bits for less, to ensure you can enjoy your trip without blowing your budget.

4. Stick to your usual routines

Holidays are a time to kick back and relax, but for those with younger children, taking a relaxed approach to bed and mealtimes can cause more stress than not. Keeping children on their typical schedule to ensure they’re not overtired the next day, and providing them with more structured days will help make sure everyone can enjoy their holiday to the fullest.

5. Include a little something for everyone

While family holidays are often considered kid-centric, there’s no reason why you can’t do a bit of everything. If you’re stressed out by theme parks or other kid-based attractions, breaking up those visits with trips to calm beaches, beautiful landscapes or local villages can be an excellent way to shake things up. Your kids will enjoy their specific activities, but they will have just as much fun enjoying new cultures and experiencing new places too.

6. Include extras when packing

To avoid that nothing-to-wear stress, for both yourself and the kids, take care to include extras when packing. That means the second pair of shoes just in case those sandals aren’t suitable for your day out, extra t-shirts and even a couple of different daytime options to suit the weather, just in case.

So thanks to Lauren for their expert tips. With some forward planning I’m hoping our next family holiday can be more stress-free than ever before.


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