The brilliance of pregnancy support belts

I road-test Cantaloop’s maternity belt, and share my thoughts on the pros, cons and surprise benefits in this pregnancy support belts review.

So now I’m firmly in my third trimester, my Burgeoning belly is feeling all the heavier.  

The long walks I’ve enjoyed so far are that little bit more tiresome, and I find myself cradling my belly for support.

Also, on another note, my style credentials have gone to pot. I live in my maternity jeans, which aren’t the most flattering with their boyfriend shape.

I’d thought about getting a bump belt, which is effectively a thick band (kinda like a wrestlers belt). They are supposed to enable you to wear your regular trousers with the fly open, as the band sits over them to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. They’re essentially a boob tube for your belly.

However, I wasn’t sure about whether they’d feel too restrictive on my growing baby bump. I have a pair of maternity jeans with a band that sits over the belly. After a couple of hours wear, or a long period sitting down, I can’t wait to swap them for comfy sweats. 

So when I was asked to try the Cantaloop maternity support belt, I was intrigued to see if this is a better option. And boy it is.

With a focus on comfort, the belt is super soft, so doesn’t feel restrictive at all. It’s more stretchy at the back, but has a light material for the bump area. This means I feel supported, rather than sucked in. It also helps with taking some of the weight off during walks.

However one of the surprise bonuses of the maternity support belt is that it doubles up as a bump belt!   

Pregnancy support belts – a surprise bonus

I tried it with my pre-pregnancy jeans, easing the belt slightly over the fly area, and it worked like a dream! As I haven’t put on weight on my legs (so far) I could slip back into them. It was like reacquainting with an old friend. And let me tell you, having felt a little frumpy over the last few weeks, wearing my old jeans was major pregnancy goals. 

In fact, this belt impressed me so much that I ended up buying one for my sister in law who’s also expecting (we have something of a baby boom in the family).

The belt is also supposed to help with backache (though I haven’t suffered this enough to vouch). It’s midwife recommended which also adds a little reassurance.

Pregnancy support belts pros and cons

One thing I would personally advise is to wear it when you need it, rather than all day. It’s great for walking and being on your feet. But you don’t need it if you’re sitting for long periods. In my very unprofessional opinion, I think it’s good to let the bump hang out in all it’s unsupported glory where you can.   

But overall, the Cataloop pregnancy support belt is a blooming great find.          

The Cantaloop Pregnancy support belt is available in sizes small to XL, and you can get it from Amazon here.


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