TWID Battersea, London restaurant review

TWID Battersea… a dining experience with a difference.

Now I love a restaurant that combines good food with an unusual dining experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to eat ice cream while listening to the dulcet tones of Adele and Sam Smith (kind of) at a James Bond night at The London Cabaret Club.  I’ve gone all Brazilian and had slabs of meat cut at my table at Nabrasa. Heck, I’ve even been covered in shells trying to bust open my own lobster at Burger & Lobster. And in between I’ve enjoyed the odd Michelin dining experience (Benares), as well as budget buffet (Sanam Manchester). Both were brilliant in different ways.

However, when it comes to unusual dining experiences, nothing quite matched the recent restaurant hubby and I were invited to review.  We were asked to dine at TWID Battersea, a London-based live music bar and restaurant which combines opera singing with cuisine.

Theatrical decor with stalls at TWID Battersea restaurant

The opera style interior at TWID restaurant

There is a live opera singer, who greeted us on arrival with a song. Plus you get to sit on individual booths at ground and mezzanine level to enjoy the performance. There were tables large enough for groups of 12, as well as cosy two seaters for couples.  Heck, you could even sit around the stage, at the feet of the performer.  It’s like a rustic royal opera house.

The dining concept at TWID Battersea was simple tapas style. However the food wasn’t to be underestimated. Each dish was carefully crafted like a mini work of art. We had to opt for the veggie and fish options as the meat wasn’t halal. But they thoughtfully had equal dishes of each.  It made a nice change from the non-meat eaters feeling like the poor cousins.

Here’s what we had at TWID Battersea:

Stuffed mushrooms with pine nuts and cucumber salad

The stuffed mushroom topped with pine nuts was delightful.  Its accompanying salad was Instagram-worthy.

Crab with apple dressing

I wasn’t able to have the crab with my no-shellfish pregnancy rule, but hubby said it was tasty enough.

Cod fillet with radish and dressing

The cod was meaty and delicious, and made a nice ‘filler’, as the other dishes were more light sharing bites.

Aubergine bake topped with parmesan and vegetable crisps

But by far my favourite was the cheese-topped aubergine bake. It had a side of vegetable crisp and a tomato base. I’d happily have it again.

Dessert platter of cheesecake and gluten free millionaire shortbread

To finish things off, hubby and I had the sharing dessert platter. This included gluten free options as well as full fat cheesecake. It was my first proper experience of gluten free, and I’m not sure if the nutty texture was for me. But the cheesecake was on point.

Oh, and between mouthfuls, the lovely singer came to perform at our table. Which is brilliant – or intense – depending on how you feel about live opera.

A live opera singer with HalimaBobs

Overall, the food plays second fiddle to the entertainment concept, which is how TWID have positioned themselves.  However, I do think the food, with its awesome presentation, is worthy of a mention. After all, it’s not like they’re just giving you pub grub. But one thing I have to say, is that I wasn’t left overly satisfied. But that’s perhaps down to the fact that I’m pregnant and greedy.

If halal was an option, I totally would have tried the steak. So if you’re a meat eater with no dietary constraints, this might be worth a look.

TWID in a nutshell

Price: sharing plates around £7.50

Halal: No, but fish and veg options available.

Great if… you want to impress a date with something different, you’re hosting a small party, or you enjoy light bites rather than a full on meal.

Not so great if… You just want to eat a filling meal. Or you don’t like the opera. However, I’ve been told that TWID may introduce further live music options.


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