A little announcement…

So I’ve been keen to share some exciting news with you all, but wanted to wait until…

  1. It was safe/appropriate to do so
  2. I was comfortable

And having hopefully ticked both these boxes, here it is…

That’s right, my slightly bigger self is not the result of overeating, it’s a baby bump!

HalimaBobs with baby bump

Hubby and I are super excited, so it’s been a challenge not shouting from the rooftops. But I really wanted to wait a few months until I felt all was OK (though you can never say for certain, one of the perils of impending motherhood is incessant worry).

But rest assured, this blog won’t be turning into a mummy forum. However, I will be reporting on some facets of life with a baby bump. After all, HalimaBobs is meant to be a little window into my life.

So for anyone who’s been there, done that, and got the sick-stained t-shirt, I’d love any advice / golden nuggets. I’ll also be sharing any tips I pick up along the way for any of you ladies who are also expecting.

But apart from that, it’s pretty much business as usual. HalimaBobs will still cover makeup, travel food, and lifestyle. And of course, it will always be totally unfiltered.


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I’m a British-Bengali Muslim mum-of-two. My pictures aren’t filtered and neither are my words. I’m not a makeup artist, chef or lifestyle guru. I’m just me, sharing honest beauty reviews for brown skin, halal restaurant finds, travel inspo, mum life hacks, easy Bengali recipes and more. If that’s your bag, keep reading!

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