Seri Villas Seminyak, review 

February 14, 2017

So on our recent trip to Bali (which you can see here and here), we stayed at our own villa – Seri Villas Seminyak – for the first time. That seems to be the done thing in Bali, as we found hotels were few and far between.

I had slight reservations about hiring a villa as I usually like the comfort of being in a hotel with 24-hour staff and security. But I put my worry-wart ways aside and decided to try out private villa life for a few days.

Seri Villas is well located near some of the main attractions of Seminyak, including Potato Head Beach Club and Seminyak Village Mall.

The villa is a four star, and at around £110 per night (though this price fluctuates throughout the year), it provided good value for money.  Having browsed a few hotels before making our decision, I felt that if you spend less, you might be compromised with the space you get.

Living room and kitchen space open plan

As well as having a decent-sized bedroom, our villa had a spacious living room with a kitchen, dining table and large corner sofa, great for relaxing after a day of exploring. After staying there for six nights, we definitely appreciated having an extra room to relax in, rather than just the bedroom.

A room with a pool

Another huge draw was the private outdoor pool.  The pool had a good depth of 1.6m, and despite being small, it was good for short lengths and practicing swimming, something which hubby and I desperately needed.

A breakfast table of fried eggs, pancakes, nasi goreng

To add to the private haven feel, breakfast was cooked and served at our villa. This was a real treat and luxury, and while I think it works well for honeymooning couples, I actually prefer a buffet with more options (yeah I know, cheap and cheerful).

Still, there was plentiful food to start your day. We could have nasi goreng, fried eggs, omelette, pastries, pancake and a fresh fruit platter. And I don’t mean we could choose one, ALL of this was available everyday.

The staff were very hospitable, offering the level of service synonymous with Asia.  The manager came to talk us through excursion options. I felt safer travelling with their driver and booking through them.

There was a free shuttle private taxi to the main Seminyak Village, but it would only take you there, so you’d have to make your own way back.

The downsides of Seri Villas, Seminyak

And that leads me to the downside of Seri Villas. The location is slightly off. It’s very close to the main tourist area and Seminyak village, but it’s smack bang in the middle of two ends of a busy street. So that means a 10-minute walk through a dark, scary off-road bit with stray barking dogs and insects galore.

So even though it’s a stones-throw from all the main bits, we ended up having to get taxis in the evening. This was such a shame, as we were so close, yet the short walk was treacherous.

Shower with plants

Another downside was that the bathroom – without air con – was very humid and warm. So while we had a big beautiful bath, we didn’t use it once.

If you’re not a jungle lover, you might not like the bathroom with its large plant area. There was the odd gecko too, though they’re harmless and do their own thing.

As you could expect from a luxury villa, we had the turn down service and a pristine room upon returning from each day’s excursion.

My final verdict

Overall, Seri Villas Seminyak was great and became our home for the week, but the one downside was the logistics of the location, as it meant getting taxis to places we could have easily walked to.  However, on balance, for the service, private pool, living area and price, I would recommend Seri  Villas to anyone staying in Seminyak.

Oh, and I recorded to vlogs on my adventures in Seminyak, and Ubud, so do check them out.


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