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September 22, 2016

The reason for my new blog name (and look)

OK, so I kind of lost my way. Not in a deep, I-need-an-intervention-kind-of-way, but in the much more superficial blogging sense.

When I started out blogging wayyyyy back in 2011, it was an outlet for me to write for pleasure, which is *geek alert* one of my favourite things in the world.

I never got to be a columnist for the Guardian (instead I sold my soul to PR), so this was my way of satisfying my creative urges. And as I wrote for a living covering often more serious matters (that’s corporate PR for you), it made total sense to start writing about makeup, as it was about as far removed from my day job as you could get.

Beauty and makeup was also a natural subject as it was something of a challenge for me.  My makeup application was crap, I’ve never managed to find a foundation to match my skin, and I have extensive photo evidence of me in what I would call a makeup meltdown. Quite literally.

Picking a name for my blog

So then there was the small matter of naming my blog. I didn’t give it too much thought (in fact I didn’t expect this blogging lark to go on for longer than a few months), but I kind of wanted something to represent me and also my Asian ethnicity, with a nod to my dry, straight talking ways. Brown Girl’s Blog was taken. So that pretty much lead me to Desi Girl’s Blog.

As my blog grew, I started writing about other aspects of life, I blogged about my wedding preparations, and then began sharing my thoughts on places I ate and countries I visited. And my whole ethos remained the same, I shared my honest views on good and bad in everything, and portrayed my life as it is, rather than showcase an airbrushed, filtered life.

That is something I still stick to now, but along the way, I felt like I was the only one doing it, and I wondered if I was missing a trick. Other bloggers/vloggers had better makeup tutorials, filmed with better cameras, and short and snappy editorial.  They also shared a much more Instagram-esque lifestyle, and, it seemed, had a much bigger audience.

Here’s the bit where I lost my way. About a year ago, I tried to be like them, because I felt there wasn’t much interest in real-time tutorials and lengthy articles. I played around with my design and layout a few times, and, shortened my articles.

But I quickly realised that rather than trying to be something I’m not, I’m better off doing me.  I’m not a bouncy bubbly blogger, So I reverted back to my stream-of-consciousness writing without filter ways, and overly-chatty vlogs.

Doing me

I’m not a makeup artist or stylist, and I’m definitely not a tween.  In fact my audience is other girls/women like me, who have a job or study, friends and family commitments. They spend more time in the real world than online. They don’t have hours to spend perfecting a no-makeup-makeup look for school, but would like to learn how to highlight and contour for a special occasion, and maybe pick up a few easy recipes to boot.

So if that sounds like you, read on.  If not, that’s also cool, as there are plenty of blogs and vlogs out there to choose from.

And finally, there was the small matter of my blog name.  Desi Girl’s Blog – I grew to realise – had a huge cringe-worthy element to it.  For those not in the know, there is a Bollywood song with the same name. And a saree-wearing heroine I am not.

So I put the word out there for a new blog name, and HalimaBobs, which is what some people call me, sits perfectly. Because with this blog, I’ve not got a mission statement or strategy, I’m just being me.

So do have a look around, and see if there’s anything of interest. It’s still a work in progress and I’m updating articles as we speak.  Also, if you’d like a share a comment with your thoughts on my new look (but same, refocussed direction), that would be just fab.



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