7 habits of highly effective part-time bloggers

7 habits of highly effective (part-time) bloggers


7 habits of highly effective (part-time) bloggers  

A lot of my friends have said that they would like to start their own blog, but weren’t sure how to fit it in around their life and work.


And as I’ve found myself dishing advice on the above, I thought I’d write a post on this very subject – and share what habits you need to adopt to make your hobby blog a successful (and popular) one.


Since I started blogging in 2011, I learnt a lot from other successful working bloggers out there. So these habits are a combination of what I’ve seen other part-time bloggers do, and traits I adopted myself.


7 habits of highly
 effective (part-time) bloggers:


1) They do it coz they love it.

Yes, blogging can be very lucrative. And sure some of your fave bloggers like Zoella have book deals, endorsements and covetable Instagram



However that stuff doesn’t happen overnight. In fact – reality check time – for most bloggers this may not happen at all. So if you start blogging because you want free makeup or want to be an internet sensation, you may be disappointed.


Remember, blogging started as an outlet for people to share their thoughts with the masses, and that should be your main objective. If you do it because you love what you’re writing about, the other benefits (if they come your way) will be a bonus.


2) They keep up the momentum.

An early bit of advice I picked up from the fab Nazma at Asian Fashion Blog. Nazma warned that many bloggers start enthusiastically and post regularly, but then run out of steam and don’t keep it up. Instead, mentally commit to posting at a certain frequency that you can manage, and you’re more likely to keep it up. Which brings me onto the next habit.


3) They post frequently.

Keeping to a pattern of posting regularly, say once a week, helps readers know when to expect an update from you, and also helps with your SEO.



4) They post relevant, shareable content.

Successful bloggers strike a balance between quality and quantity, i.e. posting regularly, but avoiding crap content. While you want to update your blog frequently, make sure it’s the kind of content you’d read, like and share yourself.


5) They work their blog around their life, not the other way round.

The most common question I’m asked is how I manage to blog, work full time and fit everything else in. The truth is, I’ll probably never have time to make my blog as beautiful as many others out there. I probably won’t have an hour to set up the perfectly lit Instagram photo. Nor will I have an afternoon to do swatches of blush.


However, as I love blogging, I will put time aside to write articles and make it work around me and my life.


For example, I’m writing this article on my iPhone whilst on the train. If I go to a restaurant and I like the food (or sometimes if I don’t) I’ll snap some pics of the dishes and do a write up later. I wrote up my review of Cairo and the Monte Carlo Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh whilst on the plane journey home (I couldn’t sleep).


So, whilst I don’t have millions of readers or six-figure deals, I have a blog that represents my world and works for me. And because I love blogging, I make time for it. Which again goes back to the first point- do it coz you love it.


6) They keep adapting and evolving.


My blog has taken on many guises since 2011. Blogging is a moving feast, and as your tastes – and technology changes – a smart blogger should evolve too.


7) They schedule their posts for optimum visibility.


Back when I started blogging, I’d pretty much upload an article as soon as I’d finish writing it, which could sometimes be around 11pm.


However, I soon cottoned on that nobody will really read a blog at that time of night, so I now schedule my blog posts to go out in the morning on a weekday, at around 9.30am. This means that my subscribers are more likely to see it pop up in their email, rather than it being lost last night’s news. Plus at that time, most people at work have got though their emails and don’t mind a bit of a distraction.


So those are my key 7 habits, if you write a blog which you fit around work or study. What are your key habits? Put them in a comment below.  Remember, sharing is caring.




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