Olaplex review with before & after results

November 16, 2015
It’s the new hair trend that’s causing a buzz, but what does Olaplex actually do? And is it any good?  As a sucker for trying anything that promises a renewed and invigorated me, I road-tested Olaplex for you.

What is Olaplex?

Hailed as the hottest hair thing since the Brazilian blow-dry, Olaplex is an apparently revolutionary treatment that promises to restore dyed and damaged hair to its former glory by repairing the bonds of the hair from within.
Apparently Kim Kardashian used it when she was alternating between bleached blonde and brunette, and Vogue have raved about it as a hair saviour, with the reporter saying that her hair was left super swishy after the treatment.
Olaplex works in three steps.  The first two treatments – which look like conditioners – are applied in the salon, while clients are offered the third treatment to do at home.
Unlike deep conditioners which just coat the hair from the outside, Olaplex works from within, and makes the hair less porous, and more susceptible to hair colouring.  As a result, colour comes on better, hair looks shinier and healthier.

Disclaimer alert!

And here’s the big fat disclaimer from me. Well, two actually. I was offered this treatment to trial by ColourNation, a very trendy hair salon in London’s West End, who are one of the first in the area to use Olaplex, which has come from America.
But the bigger disclaimer is here, I don’t colour my hair.  And the last time I did I was at university when I did this ridiculously red streak home-dye job.  So you may be wondering what business I had trialling a product that is primarily aimed at overworked, over-coloured hair. And you have a point.
When I was invited to trial the treatment I was told that the product would be beneficial to my hair. Though I was assured I might not get the ‘wow’ factor experienced by those with have colour damaged hair.  As Olaplex strengthens from within, you don’t necessarily see results, though your hair is stronger and more susceptible to colouring.
And in a bid to give you my real-time reactions, I’ve recorded a short video of me before, and after treatment, which you can see at the top of this post.  For posterity, here are some pics too:
Long black hair before using Olapex

Hair before Olaplex

Long black hair after Olaplex treatment

Hair after Olaplex


As you can see, I was given a lovely blow dry which added volume to my hair, and I have to admit, my hair did feel lighter and very smooth.

My very honest Olaplex review

However, with my usual cynical pinch of salt, I’m not sure how much could be attributed to Olaplex, and how much was down to the great conditioning treatment and blow-dry I’d received.
So in a nutshell, I had a great treatment at ColourNation, but having natural tresses, I may not be the best guinea pig for Olaplex, and I don’t think I’ll be needing to use the treatment.  However, it’s certainly something to consider if I do decide to hit the bottle.

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