Russell Brand – a refreshing version of celebrity

So I recently had the pleasure of meeting the man, the myth the legend that is Russell Brand.  He came along to an iftar dinner held for homeless people who stay at the Booth House Salvation Army in London.  
While I was expecting his arrival to be followed with entourage and a strict photocall timer, I was amazed to see that Russell is as down-to-earth as his public persona suggests.  He sat with residents at Booth House and mingled the whole evening.  he ws also completely unfazed by the incessant barrage of selfie requests (including my one above).
It was truly refreshing to see. In my not-so-glamorous PR career I have met a few celebs who have come accompanied with diva-like publicists and I met one former royal, whose PA advised that I call her Ma’am.
So Rusty Rockets didn’t disappoint.  The poor guy gets a media battering for his views that dare to go against their agenda, but he really comes across as a guy that just cares about the community.  And I doubt I’ll ever see such a high profile celeb rock up to an event in West Ham slippers.
Russell – you’re a legend, and I’m going to subscribe to your Trews channel.

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