Top things to do in Phuket Thailand

Women's Thai boxing at Bangla Road stadium, Phuket

Things to do in Phuket Thailand

So after a whirlwind visit to Bangkok and Hong Kong, it was time to relax and settle in on one of the islands surrounding Thailand. We opted for Phuket, just because of the ease of flight connections from our main destinations.
Now it’s worth bearing in mind that this leg of our trip was all about R&R, so we purposely didn’t do too much. In fact, most of our trip was about making the most of the amazing resort we stayed at (more of this in a separate review).
However there were a few things we explored which I though worth mentioning.

Things to do in Phuket #1- Hang out on Bangla Road

The social hub of Phuket - Bangla Road


The social hub of Phuket, Bangla Road has more restaurants, shops, massage parlours and hangouts than you can shake a stick at.
It’s worth going just to soak up the atmosphere of the place in the evening.
There are lots of places to eat on Bangla Road, and I’ll share a review of one of the best restaurants we ate at. It’s also worth noting that I enjoyed some of the best seafood whilst there.

Things to do in Phuket #2 – Walk along Patong beach

The sign for Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand Beach-goers on Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand
Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, at night
Right at the end of Bangla Road is Patong beach, a heady mix of swimmers, sunbathers, and jet skiers. The beach is stunning, just walking along the edge with the warm water and sand massaging your feet is holiday bliss in itself.

Things to do in Phuket #3 – Watch the Thai boxing

The boxing ring at Bangla Road bxoing stadium, Phuket, Thailand
A bit of a must-see if you’re in Phuket, the Thai Boxing is a spectacle in itself. With a roaring – and repetitive – announcement, pumping music and international boxers, Thai boxing is something to experience once (just once is enough, in my view).
The only thing that I found slightly uncomfortable is that they box with kids first. They have less rounds, but even so, it’s slightly wrong.
Thai boxing is hugely popular, so tickets are relatively pricey. After haggling, we got tickets down to £20 each, which was the same cost of a days excursion to different islands.

Things to do in Phuket #4 – Get a Thai massage

You simply cannot go to Thailand and not have a massage. It’s just rude. Especially when you factor in that a massage costs around £5 for an hour.
Whilst in Phuket we had an oil massage and a traditional Thai massage, where we lay on the floor and got stepped on, pummelled and twisted until our bones clicked. It sounds excruciating, and at times it was. However, boy did you feel de-stressed afterwards. An hour well spent.

Things to do in Phuket #5 – Go for an excursion

Monkeys on excursion in Phuket
A mosque stands tall in the floating Muslim village in Phuket
Three gold buddhas stand in a cave in Phuket


The sign for James Bond Island in Phuket, Thailand


The James Bond Island is named after the Sean Connery movie
Thailand's answer to Jack Sparrow rows a boat in Phuket
The great thing about Phuket is that it’s a great base to explore neighbouring islands.
We took a day excursion which took in James Bond Island (made famous by the legendary 70s movie), a monkey cave, a dingy boat ride (with Jack Sparrow himself), and a visit to a beautiful floating Muslim village, where we were fed an amazing lunch of soup, seafood, chicken and rice.
By far my favourite part of the excursion was the floating village. The food and hospitality was lovely, and we got to explore the area.  There was a beautiful mosque, a school and shops for the locals. The main source of income appears to be from tourism, with many stalls selling seashells and freshwater pearls. I bought a pretty set of pearls from the village as a reminder of my short stay.
There are many other islands you can visit around a Phuket, plus a tonne of different excursion packages. However, I feel we picked the best excursion for us, as it combined a bit of adventure (the paddle boat ride) with some stunning scenery (James Bond Island), and some cheeky monkeys. Quite literally.
So that’s what we got up to in Phuket. As mentioned, most of our time was spent chilling in the resort making the most of the amenities. But I hope this post has given you a few tips for if you ever plan to visit the Island.

For the review of where I stayed in Phuket, click here.


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