A trip to the V&A Museum, London

A wide skirt dress on display at the V&A, The design is from the 19th century

Despite having lived in London for over two years, there are so many things that I’m yet to see and do. For example, I’ve never been on the London Eye (shock, horror) nor have I taken a selfie with celebs at Madame Tussaud’s.

However I’m attempting to right this wrong by taking in some of the best offerings London can boast. And there are plenty.
My recent trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is great example of the great history and heritage of London and beyond. And best of all, like many sites in the capital, it’s free to enter. It’s even open late on a Friday night, so it’s a great alternative night out.


The modern design section at the Victoria and Albert museum
The V&A boasts some impressive artefacts from all over the world. There’s an area which focuses on the renaissance period, decked in white and bathed in light, you can take in Italian artwork, Greek statues and more.
Meanwhile, the Islamic section boasts ceramics and furnishings from the Ottoman Empire and other bygone eras.
A wooden stairwell on display at the Islamic section at the V&A museum
The Mughal era of India is a decadent feast of jewellery and fine silk clothing that is worthy of the blingy-est of desi girls. It was a marvel to see necklaces, tikkas and earrings decked in diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. I have to admit, I lingered in this section more than anywhere else.
A gold helmet with precious rubies and emeralds on display at the V&A in London
Other areas of note were the Japanese section, and early 19th century Europe, where a gold and mirrored music room took centre stage.
The white and gold music room at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum

well as having several floors and sections of history, the V&A Museum boasts a cafe serving hot and cold food, plus a garden area with a fountain, outdoor seating and a grass area.

You could easily while away a whole afternoon there, which is exactly what I did, before eating out in South Kensington.
So if you’re a London local or visiting from any other part of the world, the V&A museum is well worth a visit. Also, as a bonus, thee are two of London’s largest museums just nearby – The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. So if you’re keen you could pack in a LOT of culture.
What are your favourite London haunts? Drop me a comment and let me know. 

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