Introducing… my new look blog!

If you’ve logged onto Desi girl’s blog recently, you may have noticed that it’s undergone something of a transformation.  Slowly but surely, I’ve been making small modifications to give my blog a look and identity of it’s own.
Let’s be honest, my blog has been stuck in something of a style rut for a while now.  I’ve always confessed that I’ve been more about the words than the pictures and the design, which is why I’ve focused most of my efforts into providing content that would be of interest to me and you.
But more recently, I’ve been itching to give my blog look an overhaul, starting with a logo that speaks for what I’m all about, and a design to follow through.
My logo was created by my good friend Nilly, who hit the nail on the head by transforming my vision of unairbrushed, real and rustic content, into a reality.  I opted for a bold, yellow colour in the logo, as it stepped away from my usual go-to of pink, which ultimately alluded to makeup.  The bold yellow sits perfectly neutrally between beauty, food and travel, so its much more suited to my more evolved, lifestyle orientated blog.
Then of course, the hard work really started, I needed to create a design to do the logo justice. I was stuck in the same blogger template for a while now, so I really needed to step out of this for a full makeover.
Of course, I knew nothing about coding, so the common sense option would be to outsource this to one of the many designers / coders out there who can offer such a service.  However, I pushed common sense aside as I wanted to control the look and feel of my little blog, so I added all the elements you see myself.
So cue lots of YouTube tutorials, copy and pasting of code, hours in Starbucks, tears, frustrations and many mistakes.  Needless to say, I now understand the importance of a backed-up template.
There are still a few bits to do, I’d like to add a drop-down menu to my page tabs, but I’ll save that for another tea-laden session.
So, after four years of blogging away, I’m happy to say that Desi girl’s blog is still all about the content, but it has a pretty frame around it too.

I’d love to hear your comments on the new look of my blog.  What do you think of the black and yellow theme?  Do you like the new look?  


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I’m a British-Bengali Muslim mum-of-two. My pictures aren’t filtered and neither are my words. I’m not a makeup artist, chef or lifestyle guru. I’m just me, sharing honest beauty reviews for brown skin, halal restaurant finds, travel inspo, mum life hacks, easy Bengali recipes and more. If that’s your bag, keep reading!

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