Thai restaurant and seafood Bangkok review

April 11, 2015
Halal Thai dishes served in Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok
Halal Thai cuisine on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Thai restaurant and Seafood Bangkok review

Whilst in Bangkok, we were itching to try some authentic cuisine. However, one of our problems was that very few places were halal, so we could only have seafood in the most authentic Thai places.
However, we chanced upon the Arabic area of Bangkok, located off Sukhumvit road. Amongst the kebab places, we found a great seafood restaurant I thought worth mentioning as part of my Thai roundup.
The restaurant, aptly named Thai Restaurant and Seafood, served some of the best dishes I tried on my trip. So much so, that I visited the place twice.
Thai chilli dip with salad served in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
Fiery appetizer
The complimentary appetizer of cucumber and spring onion may sounds simple, but the hot and sour sauce that came with it was beautiful. Though the sheer heat nearly did scrape the taste buds off my tongue. However that didn’t stop me trying my best to polish it off.


Galangal soup served in halal Thai restaurant and Seafood, Bangkok
No restaurant trip to Bangkok was complete without a soup dish. So hubby and I opted for the galangal, a  creamy soup with a unique gingery taste. The soup had a generous helping of meaty seafood, and the generous serving was enough to share between two.
We accompanied the soup with a mango salad which was delicious. But there was perhaps too much chilli sauce.


Papaya salad, galangal and sweet chilli dip in Bangkok
The crab cakes were tasty and meaty, though the texture was slightly chewy. A notable difference between Thai fishcakes and the poor imitation we’ve come to know in the UK is that the latter is mixed with potato and other veg. The fish itself plays a small part in its namesake cake. However genuine Thai fishcakes are made purely of the fish meat, and little else.
The chicken and vegetable dry curry with baby corn and cauliflower had a nice, thick sauce, but I wouldn’t say it was my favourite dish of the day.
Overall, the dinner at Thai Seafood and Restaurant was super impressive.  You could taste a slight Indian influence, mainly through the heat, but this was by no means overpowering. While in so many halal offerings, you basically get a curry-fied version of an authentic dish, I’m pleased to say this wasn’t the case here. Would thoroughly recommend it if your in Bangkok and looking for a halal restaurant.

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