Cheat day at Riverside Lounge restaurant Hornsey – halal Bangladeshi buffet review

February 16, 2015
Potato wedges, pizza, fries and chicken soup at Riverside Lounge buffet, London


Blingy gold and black decadent decor at the Riverside Lounge buffet
So as I’ve mentioned previously, hubby is on a mission to get fit for 2015, following a pretty regimented diet and exercise plan.
I’ve been doing my bit as supportive spouse and partaking in the diet bit. But since he’s at the business end of his plan, which involves an egg white and steamed veg for dinner, I’ve eased off a bit.
Anyway, it was to my delight that it just so happened to be our ‘cheat day’ – which comes round once every 25 days – on Valentine’s Day. This meant we could eat what we liked. Or rather he could eat what he liked, and I could eat as normal, but without the guilt.
So what better way to treat ourselves than to quite literally eat what we like, at a buffet.
My hubby stumbled upon Riverside Lounge restaurant so we thought we’d give it a try. The menu was extensive with some Bangladeshi dishes thrown in, so we couldn’t complain.
Anyway en route we missed the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it parking as it was tucked away off the main road, so of you’re heading there, keep your eyes peeled.
The venue is very TOWIE-esque, traditional decor with splashes of bling. In fact, it wouldn’t look out of place at the Asian Made in Chelsea, otherwise known as Desi Rascals.
The view of the balcony at the Riverside Lounge
The seating area at the Riverside Lounge restaurant
But anyway, onto the food, the actual offering wasn’t quite as extensive as suggested online. One thing I was particularly excited about – the poppadams, wasn’t on offer. And some of the starters seemed a little old. But to be fair, we’d arrives at 10pm, so it may have been sat there for a while.
More impressive were some of their soups. The lentil was particularly hearty and flavoursome, I was less enamoured with the oriental chicken soup, as it had a slightly gloopy gloss to it.
A plate of daal anf chickencurry at the Riverside Lounge, London

The mains, however, we’re an improvement. It was unusual for a buffet for the mains to outshine the starters, but Riverside a Lounge restaurant did just that.

The chicken Jalfrezi was good, plus the there were some Bengali style dishes on offer.
There were also some standard dessert options such as ice cream and gulab jaman.
However, overall I would say that the Riverside Lounge restaurant was a little lacklustre. If I compare to the northern equivalent, Nawaab in Manchester, it doesn’t really come up to standard in terms of variety and quality. It also doesn’t boast the range offered by JRC World Buffet.
Riverside Lounge restaurant in a nutshell…  
Price: £13.99 for adult buffet
Halal: Yes
Great if… You prefer your mains over your starters

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