Four five-minute hairstyles for Christmas

December 21, 2014
So, whether you like it or loathe it, celebrate or not, Christmas is upon us, and there’s just no escaping it.
last year, I had my fair share of work do’s and events to attend, and each time my hair let me down. Makeup is a bit of an experiment, but my hair, well straight and down tends to be as adventurous as I get.
However, I’ve recently started to experiment with different easy-to-create hair looks, and filmed them in real-time tutorials.  The great thing about the looks is that they all take no more than five minutes to create, and require next to no product, and very few accessories.


So see below some simple hairstyles that even I can do. If you like what you see, click on the title for the real-time video demo.

1) The fishtail plait

A fishtail plait on thick layered, Asian hair

If there’s one style that literally EVERY famous face wore in 2014, it has to be the fishtail braid. Cute, slightly messy and textured, the fishtail reinvented a look that was pretty age-inappropriate for anyone above the age of 12.  Suddenly plaits were OK for us grown ups to wear.  So if you want to embrace your inner tween this Christmas, see my tutorial below:


2) The low updo

A low slung bun hairstyle, with a side parting
This looks is certainly a grown-up departure from the fishtail plait, and a new look for me.  The low bun may look sophisticated, but you could literally create it in five minutes in the toilet’s at work.
The key is to have day old hair rather than freshly washed, as this will hold better.  If you have dry shampoo to hand, this will really help add texture and stop stray hairs from escaping.  And the secret weapon for this and other hairstyles I’ve created – invest in a sock bun.  This nice little contraption helps you create an updo in a few easy steps:

3) The easy quiff

Hair worn down on the side, but backcombed and quiffed at the top
This is one of my favourite do’s and a real hair secret.  I discovered an easy way to create hair volume without backcombing, saving my poor tresses from breaking and generally being sad.
This look is easy and effortless and uses a basic contraption that I used on my wedding day, and it’s served me well ever since:

4) The low side bun

A low side bun hairstyle created with a sock bun
The sock bun strikes again!  So if you want something less conservative and more girly than the low bun, the tutorial below shows you how to wear a bun on the side, which creates a completely different look.
This look is more pretty and feminine.  I’ve created this look for several weddings, and it’s my go-to hairstyle of choice.

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