From flat to fab! DIY root lift with a ballet bun!

October 12, 2016

Master the secret to easy big hair, a DIY root lift with a ballet bun!

DIY root lift hair tutorial

This is the easiest, laziest hair hack on YouTube by far, and would you really expect any different from me??

I show you how to get an amazing root lift and give life to dull, flattened hair, by simply piling into a ballet bun! This tutorial is easier than a DIY blowout / blow dry, and gives you big hair volume goals with minimal effort.  The best bit is that you’re effectively getting two looks with one technique, a fuss free and chi chi ballet bun for the day to keep your hair out of your face, and a blow-dry effect big hair look for the evening. Perfect for even the laziest among us.

For five minute hairstyles, click here.


Have you tried this DIY root lift hack. Or do you have any other super easy hair volumising tips? Let me know by replying with a comment below…


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