Holland and Barrett haul

October 16, 2014

A tea bar featuring fruity and herbal teas
Much more than just green tea at the tea b
Cupcakes and more at Holland and Barrett's tea party
The Alice in Wonderland theme at the Holland and Barrett showcase
Who thought Holland and Barrett was just a shop for grannies and vitamins?  I used to, and my husband still does.  But a recent event opened my eyes and showed me that they offer so much more than cod liver oil.  So I wanted to share my Holland and Barreth haul with you, so you see what I mean.
When the Holland and Barrett store came to my old hometown in Wrexham, it did seem slightly dowdy.  And the clientele – mainly over sixty and coming for advice on joint and bowel complaints, helped reinforce the notion that it was for the reserve of the older lady.
However in recent years, with a revamped, younger look, a focus on sports and women’s health, and of course tapping into our huge appetite for healthier living, Holland and Barrett has undergone a bit of a transformation.
My mum has long been a fan, stocking up on nuts and seeds and essential vitamins.  And it’s only
after begrudgingly going with her on a couple of shopping trips that I noticed that they did have some things of interest to me.  I bought their aloe vera juice after reading about the benefits, and topped up my vitamin D with their supplements.
But still, I wouldn’t look to them for skincare and other beauty treats.  Yet through blogging, I’ve had
my eyes opened to a whole host of offering that Holland and Barrett have, which are most definitely NOT just for mum or grandma.
When I recently went to their beauty showcase, which was decked out in an Alice in Wonderland theme complete with Mad Hatters Tea party, I got to see some of their new products and ranges, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Body Shop or Lush store.
The beauty showcase featuring faux grass

Firstly, given that I’m trying to eat a bit better (I’ll write a separate post about my quest for a flat stomach), I made a beeline for the healthy food section.  Most of it wasn’t food per se, but more supplements, such as a concoction of ground almonds, vitamins and other nuts, which can be stirred into cereal.  I’ve tried something like this before, but it was great to see the different varieties and it would be definitely interesting to see what effects they have overall.

Exotic tea is also something Holland and Barrett are championing, with Coconut, pineapple, and raspberry among the different flavours.
Leakey Collection's Marula Oil bottles and jars on display
Introducing Marula oil
I’ve long known about their Dr Organic skincare, and even tried a few items myself, but their latest skincare treat, Marula Oil, was a new find.  Silky and smooth, Marula oil is apparently absorbent enough to use under makeup.  I received a sample of this, and would be keen to put it to the test.  I’ve usually avoided mixing oils and makeup, and only recently started introducing an oil to my skin at night time. However, as my skin seems to be getting drier, and winter is coming, I’ll give Marula Oil a whirl during the day and see if it gets on with my makeup.
Create your own Bath Bombs from Holland & Barrett
Lush should be worried, Holland and Barrett lets you MAKE your own bath bombs!
But the real treat was their home section, with a make your own bath bomb kit which would be at home at a Lush store, to a plethora of uniquely flavoured and fragranced essential oils.  And the real revelation was their ‘Scent Chips’ a great take on the wax burners.  The Scent Chips’ concept is simple, you fill a box with as many different fragrance chips as you can cram in.  That way you get lots of flavours for your buck.  You can mix and match the flavours to create a unique scent.
I mixed Ocean Breeze and Vanilla for a heady fragrance that filled the room.  While some oil/wax burners are barely there, the ‘Scent Chips’ are long-lasting, and can definitely give Yankee Candles a run for their money.   The ‘Scent Chips’ come with a menu with suggestions of which fragrances to mix and match, so definitely worth a look.
So there you have it.  If you think Holland and Barrett is an old lady shop, think again.
BooTea teatox, Marula Oil and more from Holland & Barrett
Eek!!! My Holland and Barrett haul has left me with so much to review!!

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