Nabrasa halal rodizio review – Brazilian in London

The salad bar at Nabrasa halal rodizio in London
So you know how I always complain about how bloated I feel after a buffet?  Well I’ll clearly never learn as I made my umpteenth visit to a buffet recently.  Though in my defence, this time it had an enticing
USP – halal Brazilian. Yep, this is my Nabrasa review.
I’m relatively unfamiliar with Brazilian food, so I was keen to give it a try.  At £20 a head, it is one of the more expensive buffets I’ve had. But I figured it would be worth it for a different cuisine.
Situated in Earlsfield, South West London, Nabrasa is a relatively cosy restaurant, with a fairly compact seating plan and simple décor.  The restaurant offers a pretty unusual concept.  With a hot and cold buffer and carvery at your table.
Bowls of sides at Nabrasa London's buffet counter
Nabrasa’s extensive and exotic buffet
The buffet is impressive, with a variety of sides from avocado salad, mashed potato, homemade chips, and fried chicken, as well as hot food such as lamb stew.  The buffet is very impressive, with the homemade chips being a real treat.
Anyway, you load up on the buffet, and then waiters come round to your table with a variety of meats, such as beef steak, lamb ribs, and chicken filled with cheese, all freshly made, and carve on your plate.
All the meat is halal which is a huge bonus for me.  However, not being a massive meat lover, I did find that it was all a bit too much.  By my second plate, I didn’t want to see a man brandishing a skewer of sausages ever again.
Hubby looks slightly intimidated by the slab of meat in front of him!
Halal chicken wrapped in turkey ham at Nabrasa halal Brazilian restaurant
Chicken wrapped in turkey ham
Also, with some of the meats, I wasn’t too happy with the cuts.  For examples, some pieces had a lot of fat, which is something I can’t really stomach, however my hubby didn’t mind this so much.
I did, however, like some of the carvery on offer.  The beef fillet steak cuts were good, as were the chicken options.  And it was a great way to try lots of different types of meat in one sitting.
Nabrasa also did a cinnamon-infused pineapple on a skewer, which I couldn’t get enough of, and would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting.
I also think the buffet was very impressive as they offered regional treats I hadn’t tried before, such as authentic black bean sauce, deep fried banana, and turkey filled pastry.   And perhaps that’s where I went wrong.  I got more than my fill of salads and sides from the buffet, which meant that the meat never stood a chance.
Battered banana, olives and mroes srved at Nabrasa's halal rodizio in Earlsfield
A very calorific treat… deep fried banana


More chips, sour cream and salad
Nabrasa does offer a buffet only option, minus the carvery, the as the whole point of the place is to enjoy the meat carvery, it kind of defeats the purpose.
I can see that this restaurant would be popular with a lot of meat lovers, but it was a bit too much for me.  The age-old problem with a buffet is that you load up beyond your capacity, especially when you’re paying more than you usually would.
So I have to say, despite some great sides on offer, I think the all-you-can-eat meat fest didn’t really do it for me.  I was left uncomfortable full, but not in a good way.

Nabrasa halal rodizio in a nutshell…

Cost: £20 per
head for carvery and buffet.  £12.50 for
buffet alone.
Halal: Yes.  Veg options available, but you really wouldn’t visit here if you weren’t having the meat.
Great if… you’re
a meat lover.
Not so great if…
you’re not a meat lover.

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