Easiest homemade avocado face mask recipe

April 10, 2014
As part of my homage to my favourite natural, homemade face masks, I had to share one of the quickest masks I know, that instantly gives you baby-soft skin. This is my easiest avocado face mask recipe. In fact, it’s hardly a recipe.
Of all the face masks I’ve tried, avocado is surely the easiest, as its requires minimal effort and ingredients.  In fact, you can eat the flesh of the avocado, it’s the skin we’re interested in.
The flesh of avocado peel
All you need for an avocado-packed mask
You see, avocado is packed full of nutrients and essentials fats and oils, making it a great skin treatment.
To use, you simply halve the avocado and scoop out the flesh as you normally would, and you’re left with a shell which has a thin layer of avocado flesh and some remnants still inside.  Now you can use this in a number of ways.  You either hold the avocado peel and rub the inside (fleshy bit) against your skin, or you can scoop out the flesh remnants and massage this into your skin with your fingers.  It’s totally personal preference.
Working the peel into the skin has its benefits as you can apply pressure through the peel.
However sometimes the peel can crack and rip making it a little harder to use.  Using your fingers however, gives you slightly more control.
Either is good and has the same result – super soft skin.  The good fats help moisturise and smooth the skin, making it look fuller, whilst also getting rid of dry skin.
This mask is great for me as I’m on a total health kick, and have stocked up on the green beauties.  And it’s a bonus that I can still keep the avocado, I’m just using the bits I would have chucked away anyway.
I would thoroughly recommend the avocado mask, especially during the winter.  It will give your skin the boost it needs.

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