DIY eyebrow threading demo for beginners

May 22, 2020

DIY eyebrow Threading demo and tutorial

Doing my own eyebrow threading – a demo

In this episode of lockdown grooming, I’ve resorted to threading my own eyebrows. They were getting beyond a joke. In fact, I haven’t been such a hairy Mary since I was about 12. After that, I discovered tweezers and attacked my thick bushy brows. Thankfully, that awkward foray into beauty grooming was short lived, as I came upon the power of eyebrow threading. I’ve always had mine done professionally, and a clean brow brightened my whole face. While I knew the threading technique (I shared my tutorial in this video) I have never done any threading other than my upper lip. But, with such luxuries such as eyebrow technicians temporarily taken away, I’ve taken matters into my own hands. And to help womankind in these harsh times, I recorded the process for posterity.

Enjoy the DIY threading demo video and note these tips:

  • Start slowly and don’t go too crazy. The room for error here is huge.
  • Don’t expect salon results. I aimed for a tidy up when I threaded my eyebrows. So the results might not be miraculous, but as a novice, it’s not the time for reshaping. I’d leave that to the experts when the beauticians finally open.

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