Scandinavian Restaurant Reykjavik review, Iceland

The menu at Scandanavian Restaurant and Bar featured open sandwiches
The Scandinavian Restaurant Reykjavik menu… what do you fancy?
On arrival at Iceland, I realised that fish was gonna be our food of choice. Halal options were scarce, plus Iceland was surrounded by ocean, so had some of the best seafood around.
On arrival, we went downtown to see what was on offer before we opted for the Scandinavian Restaurant Reykjavik.
Here’s what we had:
Baked fish with new poatoes and salad
Baked fish of the day with new potatoes


Open sandwich topped with fried white fish, prawns and caviar
Open sandwich with fried plaice, salmon, caviar and shrimp
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with both dishes. I didn’t have high hopes for cuisine in Iceland.  Particularly as I was informed by Wikipedia that Nordics tend not to use herbs or spices in their food. This goes against all my foodie principles.
However, the dishes we had didn’t seem too worse off by the lack of seasoning.
The creamy fish of the day was meaty and filling, and the potatoes were cooked to perfection.
Meanwhile the open sandwich, something of an Icelandic delicacy where they just give you one slice of bread with the filling on top ( so technically it’s half a sandwich, but I digress), was actually a real treat. The fried plaice was good, though I felt a bit hard done by as the other fish detailed on the menu description were minuscule. But I guess it was too good to be true to get a good proportion of salmon and caviar. Though this dish did give me my first taste of the fancy fish eggs. Though I can report that they’re nothing to write home about.
However the open sandwich was filling and tasty and a nice novelty as we don’t get them much in the UK.
However I have to have a moan about the service at the Scandanavian Restaurant Reykjavik. On arrival and being seated, we waited a good 10 minutes before we even saw the MENU.  And even then, it was after my husband gave up and asked at the bar. We weren’t the only ones left hanging either. Another couple who came in were also fishing out the menu. Food came more promptly, but it just seemed that they were a bit lax to start with.
But service aside, the restaurant served up good quality fish in a rustic environment.

Scandinavia Restaurant Reykjavik review in a nutshell

Cost – around £12-£15 per dish, not including drinks.
Halal – no but seafood available. Vegetarian options are Minimal.
Great if… You want to a hearty dinner, as fish and steak options available.
Not so great if… You want swift service.

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