The rise of the #selfie

It was the big trend of 2013.
It’s hard to believe there was a time when the word selfie didn’t exist.  It used to be just a simple photo, usually taken by someone else.
But with the burst of smartphones allowing us to take photos of ourselves, then colour them beautifully via Instagram before sharing with the world, the selfie has earned its place in the English Dictionary.
While most selfie’s are harmless duckface fun, could the trend be turning us into a nation of narcissists?
Never a day goes by without seeing a celebrity post a bikini/underwear or simple pouting photo into the camera.  And it’s for no apparent reason other than to declare themselves there, and relevant.  And selfies are justified in the most ridiculous ways.  There’s the #chillingwithnomakeup selfie, the #ivelostmybabyweight selfie.  Thanks to Kim Karadshian, there’s even the belfie (bum selfie).
But is it really healthy or normal to take regular daily pictures of yourself in your bathroom?
When I started my blog, I was rather anonymous, and didn’t include any pictures of myself.  But I quickly realised that to write about makeup, you do need to show the makeup you’re writing about.  And for that, a selfie is required.
A selfie is also great when taken with friends to capture a memory, or a holiday photo with a backdrop.
And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with uploading a nice pic of yourself which you’ve filtered through Instagram.  Nobody wants a fugly Facebook pic.  But when you’re standing in your knickers and holding up the queue to the bathroom with your selfie, it’s time to step away from the camera.
You only need to look at the Daily Mail online and there’s a deluge of selfies from c-listers wanting column inches.  But one thing you notice is respected stars that aren’t in the reality realm tend to stay away from them. Unless of course, they have a fleeting moment of flippancy, aka Barack Obama and David Cameron.

What’s your view on a selfie?  Love or loathe?


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