Belated January sale shoes!

So I went shopping for a pair of shoes but ended up coming back with three – oopsy!  But in my defence, they were all in January sale shoes, plus it was high-time that I bought some new shoes and ditched my old ones.  New Year, new footwear and all that.
My sale shopping started later than most.  Last week in fact.  I don’t know why, it’s just that this year I really wasn’t feeling the sales.  It looked like a load of leftovers, and to be fair, most shops didn’t slash their prices by much.
Plus, shops rarely put quality shoes on sale.  The big discounts are usually on sky-high, strappy stripper shoes.
However, those weren’t the kind of shoes I was looking for.  Living in London I do a lot of tubing and walking, so I’m on my feet more than I ever was when I was living in Manchester and driving everywhere.
In fact, I think I’ve dropped in the style stakes since moving to the big smoke.  I dress practically now.  In Manchester I drove door to door.  Big coats weren’t  a necessity, I could wear heels, and I could live without a brolly.
Now, stilettos have been swapped for flats, court shoes for boots, and as for hat, scarf and gloves, I wouldn’t go anywhere without them.
So when looking for shoes, practicality is paramount.  I need something comfy so I can stay on my feet. But I draw the line at Uggs and Crocs.

So here’s what I bought in the January sales:

Black suede shoes with a strong grip heel
Black suede courts from Clarks
The sole of Clark's black suede court shoes
Super-comfy sole!
These shoes are from Clarks, and they’re the perfect marriage between form and function.  The suede is on-trend, the heel is high enough to be feminine, but low enough to be comfortable. And the best part?  The rubbery sole underneath which absorbs all the cobbles I tread.  This is perfect for business wear and fashion.
Beige wedge-heeled ankle boots with ruched detail
Ankle boots from M&S


Comfy boots with a low, gripped heel
The low, gripped heel is perfect for walking
These ankle boots are from M&S.  This is the first time I’ve bought shoes from there.  Normally they’re too mumsy and I never really shop there.  And while these aren’t exactly the height of fashion, they’re bloody comfy and help me hotfoot around without needing to wear trainers, which I feel shouldn’t be seen on a desi girl outside of a gym.
Plus they’re not as chavvy as trainers, but feel as comfortable.  In fact when coupled with skinny jeans,
leggings or a skirt, they actually look quite cute…
High heeled purple suede shoes with detailed trim
Purple suede heels, one stacked on the other
OK, so these shoes from Clarks (again) aren’t very practical, but aren’t they beautiful!  The purple, is just beautiful and the heel works perfectly with jeans or a dress.  Plus I love the unusual cutout toe. So this fashion buy cancelled out my two more sensible purchases.
Do you notice a theme with all of these shoes?  They’re all made from the rather unpractical suede material.  So my next purchase will be a suede shoe protector, otherwise I risk ruining them on first outing!

What about you?  What were your bargains this year?  Or did you avoid the sales?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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