Has bling had its day?

Gold, ruby and stone Indian bridal head piece / shingar patti
There was a time when you couldn’t move for it. Bling shoes, necklaces, earrings.  Katie Price is even rumoured to stick Swarovski crystals on her remote control.
I have been a massive fan of the bling too.  I have armfuls of bangles, my Asian and western jewellery boxes sparkle, and as for my saree collection… well you could kit out an Accessorize store with the number of crystals they’re adorned with.
Before I used to think more was, well, more.  And being Asian, I was in very good company.  Every other girl I knew was a sucker for sparkle.
However, more recently I’ve had a bit of a change of heart.  While I’ll still always love my bling, there have been some occasions where I’ve found that it just doesn’t work, and less is in fact (shock, horror) more.
Purple and stone Asian bangles worn with a pink saree
Me – never knowingly not sparkly
For example, taking my saree collection.  As I said, I used to think more is more.  But I’ve now realised what may look amazing on the mannequin doesn’t quite sit right on me.
These gorgeously blinged-out sarees are inevitably heavy, which means that when worn, I spend most of my time dragging them off the floor, adjusting the heavy, sagging blouse or fiddling with the dozen safety pins used to keep the piece together.


Being slim framed, a heavy, sparkly saree can also overpower me, adding unnecessary width.  Dare I say, the end look can be a bit mumsy.
I’ve now come to realise that fine, delicate sarees with minimal, but quality are more for me. Plus there’s no coincidence that Bollywood actresses are always dancing around with pretty georgette numbers.  You don’t seem them tripping over their outfit.
However, I never thought the day would come that I’d see beyond my blingy jewellery.  But I’ve recently had the shocking realisation that not EVERYTHING works with bling.
While Asian jewellery shops still parade stonework, alongside this, there is an emergence of some more muted set pieces.  See exhibit A and B below.
Kundan style red and white stone bangles
A first for me – toned down, muted bling


Asian Kundan jewellery set featuring neckalce, tikka and earrings
Frosted finish over sparkle – a passing trend or the way forward?
Now the necklace set is still blingy to the untrained eye, but if you look at the stone work, you’ll see if it’s frosted rather than full-on diamond-cut sparkle.
The bangles have become my go to on holiday, or family trips where bling wasn’t the order of the day.
And to be honest, I do feel a bit silly rocking to someone’s house with armfuls of sparkly bangles.  Sometimes, with a simple outfit, muted statement jewellery is what’s needed.
So I wouldn’t say I’m no longer a bling-lover.  I still hyperventilate when I’m at an Asian jewellers.  I just turn to it less.  While –with the right outfit, sparkle works.  I just think it has a smaller role outside of weddings and parties.

What do you think?  Has bling had it’s day, or will sparkle live forever?



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