2013 look back

I can’t believe how quickly this year’s gone by, can you?
In the last twelve months, I’ve gone from being a London newbie, to a city native (actually, that’s a bit of a stretch).  But I think I am a little more worldly-wise from the time I lost my Oyster card after topping up £30, and got conned by a man on the tube into giving him money (see ranting article here).
2013 is also the year I got legally married.
My wedding registration - wearing a white dress
This was of course the perfect excuse for another wedding outfit or two. Plus hair and makeup.  In fact you can see some snaps from the day here.
It is also the year that I FINALLY took swimming lessons.  My front crawl is getting there, but my
breast stroke needs more work (must focus on breathing).
Blogging wise, my little online foray has evolved slightly.  What started out as a beauty and lifestyle
blog quickly became all about beauty.
However, this year I’ve started redressing the balance, writing more about my life, encompassing food, travel and general rants along the way. While the core focus will always be beauty and skincare, I like to think that my blog has become a bit more rounded.
So, on the eve of 2014, here’s my 2013 look back at the year that was…

2013 look back – It became all about the selfie        

David Cameron and Barack Obama take a selfi at Nelson Mandela's funeral
Rihanna no makeup selfie
Taken from the Daily Mail

Desi girl's blog selfie
My one and only attempt at a #selfie!

Rihanna, Holly Willoubhy, heck, even Barack Obama was at it.  If nothing else, 2013 was the year of the selfie.  Bathrooms were hogged, while celebrities and fitness enthusiasts stripped down to raise their profile.  If you don’t appreciate the importance of a #selfie, check the Oxford English Dictionary.

2013 look back – #hashtags #have #been #overused     

What used to be an unassuming key on the phone which was pressed when all the numerical options didn’t satisfy our query, has now become possibly the single most-important symbol known to mankind.  Why, because we’ve all been sucked in to social world.  Don’t blame me, I need the twitter followers.

2013 look back – Grills weren’t just for cooking

Again, adopted by celebrities ranging from A-Z in the fame spectrum, the grill became the ridiculous fashion trend of 2013.  The funny thing is, you hated your braces as a teen, would opt for a white crown over a silver or gold tooth, yet somehow a mouth of metal was cool.


Madonna's gold mouth grill close-up


Madonna wore a diamond grill, Rihanna wore a gold gun, Katy Perry had a go at stone embellished gnashers.  However, whichever precious metal or jewel was used, the result was the same.  Grills looked fugly, ageing and rotten.

2013 look back – Creams got alphabet-crazy

BB creams were all the rage.  But then CC creams came up closely behind them.  Whatever the marketing hype, these creams do a great thing in my book, remove the need for foundation.  See my full reviews here.

2013 look back – Celebrities got savvy

Josie Gibson from Big Brother's workout DVD
Josie Gibson – dropped pounds but gained £££s

In this scary, unpredictable world, one thing is certain. Every time you see a flabby celeb working out in a park, looking wobbly with jiggly cellulite, you can guarantee two things.  They will feature in a magazine saying how awful they feel about the photos.  Then they will lose the weight and look amazing.  Finally, we will all get to know how they did it, thanks to the DVD that will come out.  What a cynical world.  

2013 look back – Miley went mental


She’s the twerking girl of the moment (though dance aficionados would argue that the wiggly-bum thing she does isn’t actually twerking).  Miley made headlines for her MTV VMA duet with Robin Thicke, her Wrecking Ball video and that bloody tongue she keeps sticking out.
It works out quite well for her, as before all the antics, I couldn’t remember a single tune of hers.  Scarily enough, it doesn’t look like her reign of naughty-ness will cool down in 2014.

2013 look back – Bling got more muted   

A set of bangles made of red and green round stones, and white tear drops
Believe it or not, this is my version of muted!


OK maybe this is more of a personal preference rather than a general trend.  However, getting older and wiser, I felt that whilst bling has its place, sometimes less is more.  My sparkly collection has been supplemented with some more funky, but more muted accessories.

2013 look back – The mummy tummy was embraced (by some, but not others)  

This is all down the Duchess of Cambridge.  While most celebrities hide away from the cameras until they are back to their pre-baby weight, Kate had no such luxury, which is why she faced the cameras armed with baby George, and something of a mummy tum.
She received worldwide praise, and even some B-list celebs copied her unintentional trend.
Kate Middleton's tummy after George's birth
Now you see it
Kate Middleton's weight loss after George's birth
Now you don’t
However, just a few months later she reminded the world of the benefits of being a Duchess – a personal trainer, carefully prepared meals and nannies.
With this army of help, Kate stuck two royal fingers up at the paps by revealing an offensively toned tum.  Jealous-much?

2013 look back – My aloe vera plant made a friend…   

Two aloe vera plants growing together

This time two years ago, I reported that I had bought an aloe vera plant and was waiting for it to grow marvellously thick shoots to save my skin with all its beneficial properties.
However, after nearly killing my plant several times, and bringing it back to life, there has been less juice extracting going on, so I can’t say I’m feeling the full benefits of the wonder plant.  However, two great things happened this year:
1) I inherited an aloe vera plant from a lovely lady (thank you Jigs’ mummy)
2) My existing plant felt the pressure of potentially being replaced by a younger, more voluptuous model, and really raised its game.
The results?  I have two very healthy plants vying for my affections.  So maybe I will start picking the leaves and creating my beauty elixirs in 2014.

2013 look back – I diversified…

Camels in the corridor of the Sahara desert
Camel pooh -along with other travel adventures


A recipe from desi girl's blog
Mango salad – as featured in my growing recipe collection!

So as I mentioned, I am now branching out into other lifestyle areas on my blog.  Let’s call it a window
into the rest of my life.  So I’m sharing my travels, I’m dining out, and doing a spot of cooking.  With the latter, I must add this important disclaimer – I try my best but I ain’t no Nigella.  But I guess that’s not such a bad thing in light of recent circumstances.
So, that’s my roundup of 2013.  Here’s hoping 2014 is a new adventure that prosperous and full of nice surprises for you all. xx

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