Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook – social media madness?

As part of #thinkgorkana’s social media campaign, I’ve ranted about PR, journo and blogger no nos.  See full rant here.  However, this time, I thought I’d tackle the issue of digital and social media head on.
While I like to think of myself as pretty savvy when it comes to social media, I am clearly a bit behind the curve.
I recently joined Instagram (the name’s Halimabobs, btw), on the basis that it would act as an extra avenue to share my blog.  So after navigating through the tricky business of acquiring an iphone, setting up an apple password and downloading the Instagram app, I finally got with the programme.  And, it turns out, I was in good company.
Pretty much all of my Facebook contacts were already active Instagrammers.  Even those who I would have classed, as ahem, as more phonebook and typewriter kinda people.
Now, as I’ve defended previously, I’m no digital dinosaur.  I’m an active blogger, tweeter and pinner.  Also, as part of my job, there is a growing digital element.  In fact, I think social media is fab and has its place in this ever-shrinking world.

Social media platforms – how much is too much?

But even I have to say, all these different outlets are just dizzying.  Blogging is a labour-intensive night job as it is.  But then once I’ve done the ‘easy part’ or writing, I then have to tweet about my article, upload a link to my personal FB timeline, my blog’s FB page, my group of contacts.  And then after all that, I try to pin the odd photo of relevance to Pinterest.
However, it seems if I am to truly embrace digital, I’m missing some vital social channels.  Not
only should I be filtering all my photos to sepia-gorgeousness on instagram, I then should tweet about my Insta-photo, share it on Google+ and  tell people where the heck I took the photo for Foursquare.  And now with the emergence of Snapchat, I should be sending a pic of my forlorn, digital’s out face to all my contacts only for it to self-destruct in ten seconds.
So my question is, where do you draw the line?  Or are we to spend all our days online in the
virtual world.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think twitter is quick and witty and sometimes informative, and it’s great to have a two-way dialogue with readers of my blog.  FB is great for its personal touch.  Even instagram is fab for capturing a nice meal I had in a restaurant.
But is there a danger that we are getting sucked in to a virtual world where everything is documented, nothing is sacred and the world away from a computer is empty.
Social media has huge advantages and has brought the world closer.  I still get a buzz when I meet someone who follows by blog or vice versa, where the real and virtual worlds collide.  However, I think in the midst of all this we shouldn’t forget old-fashioned communication.
A case in point.  Regular visitors to this blog will know that I am conducting a charity blog sale. It’s been going so-so, but hasn’t set the world alight.  I’ve come to realise that when it comes to
selling beauty products (even for charity) people want to see the products and hold it in their hands, just to know it’s new, shiny and clean.
However, I decided to help the sale along by leaving a box of my products and their prices in my apartment concierge.  After a couple of weeks and intrigued passers-by, I received the very generous donation of £50 for just two products I would sell for £8.50. So it goes to show, while the virtual world has a big part to play, the real world, with all its tangibility, is still here, and
needs living in, too.

Can we just talk to each other?

Just recently, I was in Starbucks with my hubby, and everyone there, including the 70 year old man next to us, was wither on their phone, laptop or pad.  Couples weren’t talking, friends were glued to their computer screens.  It was just bizarre.  I an ironic twist, I found myself tweeting
about the situation – madness!
On that note, I’m logging off.  But would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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