Moroccan hauls – what I bought in Marrakech

Moroccan hauls

This is the last of my Marrakech-based posts, you may be glad or sad to know.  It’s all about my Moroccan hauls, and after this I will resume my normal blogging.
As I’ve blogged about what to do in Marrakech, where to stayand also the natural beauty products available in the city, I just thought I’d share a quick post about what non-beauty items I bought too.
Essentially, you can go shopping mad in Marrakech.  From the souks to the square, there are woodworks, ceramics, lanterns and potions, all designed to tempt you to part with your dirhams.  While I wanted to splurge away, I was mindful of our luggage allowance, so I kept it as sensible as minimal as I could.
A tagine - or clay cooking pot from Morocco
Moroccan tagine – a must-have souvenir / cooking pot
The biggest buy for me was the tagine (I couldn’t leave without one!).  As a staple of Moroccan cuisine, the tagine pot is something we needed to own, so I made sure I bought one of the prettier ones.  I also bought the special spice mix (hanout) needed for tagine, which is a special blend of spices and rose petals.
And of course I bought some mini tagines to give out as souvenirs.

Marrakech – the home of leather

I also bought a couple of leather handbags, as Morocco is known for its quality leather.  They were
a total bargain from a souk.  The only downside of the bags is that thy smell of the pigeon droppings which are used to treat and prepare the leather.  Will I ever get the smell out?  However, they look fab, so I will happily offend people for now.
Another notable purchase were the lanterns, which were dotted around the Jemaa Al ‘Fnaa square and lit at night (the best form of advertising).  They looked so pretty when illuminated that I couldn’t resist getting a couple for our home.  They look a treat in our living room.
So those are my Moroccan hauls.
My flat is cluttered and my purse is light, but I’ve got some nice souvenirs and usables from my holi-bobs.

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