Kate and the post Royal Baby mummy tummy

You may have noticed a small piece of news in the media yesterday – just the birth of the future heir to the throne. No biggie.   
The world rejoiced at the birth, and the media has provided wall to wall coverage of, well, not much really.  Mum has baby, mum displays baby with husband, family leave with new baby.  Let’s be honest it’s difficult to drag out the story, which is why some journalists are resorting to despo tactics – one article looked ahead to where the Cambridges will spend their first Christmas.
Come on, it’s July, and at least first debate where they’ll spend their first Eid, as that’s sooner ;).
But of course, the women of the world were really focussed on one thing. How would Kate look after having just given birth?  Kate is known to be immaculate and graceful, even when she was presenting the sports personality of the year, shortly after being hospitalised for acute morning sickness.
Throughout her pregnancy, Kate has been the epitome of style.  So of course we waited with baited breath to see how she’d appear.  Would she be red-faced, slightly sweaty with dishevelled hair?  Unlikely.

Kate Middleton’s mummy tummy

Kate was looking glowing, healthy and happy when she stood on the hospital steps with baby George.  Her legs are still killer, but thankfully for most women, Kate proudly wore her mummy tummy in a loose fitting dress.  She has the world’s designers at her disposal, but she chose a normal, down to earth (albeit bespoke) dress that didn’t hide the fact she’d just given birth.
I commend Kate for keeping it real.  After all, she looked more pregnant after giving birth than she did whilst pregnant. But I think it’s a great example for other women and other mums.  Too much emphasis is placed on women snapping back into shape after giving birth.
Celebrities exacerbate this further, often celebrating their dramatic, speedy weight loss with a bikini photoshoot.  Kim Kardashian hasn’t been seen since giving birth, and rumours have it that she’ll surface on her mum’s talk show to display her weight loss.
While no doubt Kate will perusing her personal trainer to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape, it was nice to see her looking, well normal.  OK, normal with fab hair, heels and great legs.  But let’s be honest,
when it comes to royals, that’s as real as it’ll get.

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