Fry Light olive oil for hair – DIY hair treatment for shiny locks

June 18, 2013
As a dedicated blogger, not only do I try my best to offer you honest reviews on beauty and skincare products out there, I also aim to share some DIY beauty secrets which offer the same result as their high street or high-end counterparts. And this post is no exception – olive oil for hair!
I’ve brought you ‘atta face’, homemade benetint and avocado and egg hair mask.  But you might think
I’m slightly mad for my latest suggestion of using olive oil for hair, but it totally works!
I’ve long extolled the virtues of hair oil, whether it’s coconut oil (my personal fave), olive oil or castor oil.  They’re inexpensive, leave your hair feeling healthy and glossy and most importantly, you’ve probably got it in your kitchen cupboard already.
While I used to apply coconut oil – or a mix of oils – to my hair on at least a fortnightly basis, recently I’ve really lapsed in my regime and my hair has suffered as a result.  Just this morning, after I washed my hair, it looked dry, dull and bedraggled.  As I was heading out of the door, I didn’t have time to apply a hair mask, so instead reached for a quick fix – a can of Fry Light Olive Oil spray.

Olive oil for hair, for body, for cooking

Yes, it’s for healthy cooking, but Olive Oil spray also helps to achieve healthy hair.  I’ve noticed cans of olive oil spray in hairdressers (though of course these are marketed for hair – so it’s the same thing but more expensive) and even had it sprayed on my hair after a cut and blow-dry.
However, it was only after a desperate attempt to bring my hair to life that I reached for the can from my kitchen cupboard.
By simply applying two squirts to the palm of my hand and then massaging from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, my dry, dull looking mane had a bit more shine. The key here is to massage evenly, avoiding the scalp and roots, as this will make your hair look and feel greasy.  Also it’s easier to spray onto your hand rather than directly onto the hair, otherwise you’ll have clumps of oily hair – not a good look.
Of course, a quick, liberal spray of Fry Light is no substitute for an intensive oil hair mask left to work for hours.  The latter obviously offers long term benefits for the hair and scalp.  However, if you have two minutes to spare, it’s a blooming good quick fix.  It gives you sheen and gloss as many other hair glosses promise, without the price tag or the added chemicals.

Smelling like a fry-up?

And no, I didn’t smell like a fry up, though I can’t claim that it had the perfumed fragrance of many hair products.  Plus as a bonus, I bought the Fry Light for about £2, while a high street hair shine spray would cost up to £10, more if it’s high end.
While I desperately need to get back to my regular hair oil treatments, I won’t qualm about reaching for the spray oil for a shortcut to shiny hair.

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