Photobox review – My wedding album has arrived!!!

Towards the end of last year, I devoted hours of my life to creating what I thought would be a masterpiece…

I found a deal on Groupon, which basically offered a Photobox Storybook album for about £15, instead of the usual price of £50.  It sounded good so I ordered two – one for wedding surplus photos, the other for honeymoon pics.
My official wedding photographer has been faffing around and delaying the delivery of my wedding album.  Plus, I can only select 100 of the 850+ photos taken – not an easy task culling cute nephews and nieces from the final cut.
So I decided to take action and free up the extra photos from digital limbo.
I loved the fact that Photobox let you become the designer, releasing your inner creative genius and allowing you to lay each page exactly how you want.  The freedom the website allows is great, you can turn your photos black and white or sepia, zoom in on features within the photos themselves and add text or graphics as you please.
I was spoiled by these features which is why I spent much longer playing with my album than I ought to have.

Anyway, see the results of my Photobox session below:

The front cover of my Photobox wedding album Asian wedding photos
The Photobox DIY wedding album
While I’m happy with the quality of print (I was nervous as I only had a CD of low res pictures to use), I am a little disappointed that the album is a LOT thinner than I expected.
The paper is similar grade to laminate printing paper, so not the thickest, and as the photos are printed digitally onto the page, it looks and feels pretty light for a 50-page album.
I think that’s the problem with many Groupon deals (I’ve reviewed them a lot more here), you are led to believe that you are getting such a great bargain, so your expectation is sky high.  Then, when you receive a product which is perfectly fine for what you paid, you can’t help but feel a little deflated as you thought you were getting the deal of the century with  the 70+% ‘discount’.
But whingeing aside, I am very happy that I have managed to find an outlet for my photos, without printing each one and inserting in an album myself (honestly, does anyone have time to do that these days?).

Photobox –  is it worth the effort?

So overall, it’s a cute little album, and good for what I’ve paid, but I don’t think it’s worth £50.  One thing’s for sure, I certainly won’t be taking as long arranging the photos for my honeymoon album.
A bride and groom coming together

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